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Holiday travel doesn’t need to be stressful. (Photo: Getty Images)

We here at Yahoo Travel believe in the transformative power of exploring the world: it alleviates stress, helps form new bonds, and opens our minds to other cultures.

And yet, many people — too many, in our opinion — dread traveling, especially around the holidays, when this joyous season takes on a much more stressful tone. Airports are clogged, traffic is a nightmare, and rates for everything increase dramatically. Add to that the recent threat of terrorism around the globe, and the idea of a vacation can seem almost overwhelming.

We’re here to help. Starting this week, Yahoo Travel is launching #StressFreeTravel, a new initiative dedicated to making travel better in every way possible.

To kick it all off, we are revealing exclusive research examining how people travel this time of year — we talked to more than 2,700 people to see what it is about holiday travel that causes you stress and how you handle it. Some of the results are surprising. Would you use drugs to help keep your kids calm? You won’t believe how many travelers say they would. It’s also telling to see the techniques travelers use to cut back on anxiety, from prayer to sex. And how many people would rather stay home during the holidays.

#StressFreeTravel will offer savvy, insider advice on how to reduce travel anxiety for you and your family — with great tips and ideas from industry experts and revealing profiles of the people and businesses that are changing the face of travel for the better. And we are celebrating the joys of stress-free travel because no one should have to take a vacation to recover from their vacation.

Most important, we want you to join the conversation. Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Use the hashtag #StressFreeTravel. Ask us questions. Tell us how you deal with stress.

We’ll be listening and wishing you the most stress-free travels and the happiest holiday season ever.

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