Welcome to Mr. Tiger's Cave House, which is, unsurprisingly, a little house built into a mountainside

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Just another day of the ol’ “building-a-house-in-a-mountainside” grind.
Just another day of the ol’ “building-a-house-in-a-mountainside” grind.

A man who calls himself Mr. Tiger has decided to give up on big city life and build himself a new home in the country. Mr. Tiger is not like ordinary people who might be content to find a property out in farmland, however. He is named for a mighty beast and like that mighty beast, he wanted to spend his downtime hanging out in a neat cave.

To accomplish this dream, the 35-year-old Mr. Tiger set his sights on a mountainside and got to work digging out the solid rock and turning the space into a cool house. A video from Quantum Tech HD shows him at the job, hammering, sawing, and drilling out a spot that he later decorates with windows, a front door, built-in shelves, and tiling. He puts in electricity and running water, and a little outdoor kitchen. He builds his own bed out of logs, installs solar power, and sets up a nice garden, pond, and fence in his front yard using construction debris. It’s incredible—a demonstration of ingenuity, engineering skill, and, most of all, the kind of dedication humans can exercise when assessing a ludicrous problem like how to turn a mountainside into a modern home.

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His YouTube page has more videos as well as the man’s own description of his work. “Hello Everyone,” it reads. “I’m Mr. Tiger, here I’m gonna show you how to dig a big house in the middle of a mountain.” True to his word, Mr. Tiger’s videos cover topics like “HOW TO DIG A HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOUNTAIN-Windows” and “HOW TO DIG A HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOUNTAIN-WATER AND ELECTRICITY INSTALLATIONS.”

Nowhere else, it’s safe to say, can you find this kind of one-stop shop for everything you need to know in order to build your very own house in the middle of a mountain.

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