Welcome to COMU: Columbus Museum reopens Saturday, May 4

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — A local museum is back and, according to staff, better than ever. After more than a year of updates, the Columbus Museum will officially reopen Saturday, May 4 with a totally new look

Alongside a complete redesign, the Columbus Museum has also rebranded with the nickname “COMU” (pronounced “koh-mew”) and a pink-and-orange color scheme.

“Our goal with the rebranding initiative was to create a visual identity that truly represents the essence of the museum and resonates with our diverse audience,” said COMU Director Marianne Richter.

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Museum representatives explained a main focus of the museum revamping was to create a space filled with light and warmth which would be inviting to community guests of all types. The goal was to move away from the idea that museums are reserved for a stuffy upper class.

The new COMU is open to all and free to visit. Museum representatives hope it will become a community hub for gathering and learning about art and history.

“It’s a little surreal… but were so proud of really what’s been accomplished in this space and proud of the community,” said COMU Director of Marketing and Public Relations Kristen Hudson about the reopening.

She added, “[We’re] thankful for the support that everyone has given us to be able to make this happen.”

  • A sneak peek inside the new Columbus Museum, a.k.a. COMU. (Olivia Yepez)
    A sneak peek inside the new Columbus Museum, a.k.a. COMU. (Olivia Yepez)
  • A sneak peek inside the new Columbus Museum, a.k.a. COMU. (Olivia Yepez)
    A sneak peek inside the new Columbus Museum, a.k.a. COMU. (Olivia Yepez)
  • A sneak peek inside the new Columbus Museum, a.k.a. COMU. (Olivia Yepez)
    A sneak peek inside the new Columbus Museum, a.k.a. COMU. (Olivia Yepez)

As part of the redesign, COMU features a brand-new children’s area which has been relocated to the front of the museum, alongside the gift shop. The room is designed to exercise the senses, with activities asking children to explore what they see, hear, smell and more.

The space includes a jungle gym, an activity where children can listen to the sounds of art pieces in the museum, an interactive game where children can become part of the art on display and more.

Although the museum’s look and branding has changed, other aspects remain the same.

The redesign was done entirely within the bounds of the original museum, with no square footage added or subtracted during the redesign.

A past museum favorite, a boat filled with glass sculptures by world-famous artist Dale Chihuly, now enjoys a centrally-located display, catching rays of light from a museum window.

The antique cotton gin is in the history wing of the museum, which is now divided by themes: growth, innovation and perseverance.

In fact, with accessibility in mind, museum staff explained most of the museums is thematically organized.

They explained that while chronological displays make sense from a curatorial perspective, COMU chose to organize using common themes to provide guests more opportunities to connect with the works and form their own ideas about the relationships between pieces.

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Founded in 1953 and closed for redesign in 2022, the Columbus Museum is looking forward to opening to the public. They will be keeping entry to the museum free, although guests will have the opportunity to pay for memberships to enjoy exclusive member perks.

Memberships have varying levels, starting at $30 per year. More information on museum memberships is available on the COMU website.

The museum will officially reopen with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10 a.m. on May 4. Celebratory events, including a silent disco and performances from local artists will follow. Food trucks will be on-site throughout the day on Saturday.

Hudson said, “We’re really just looking forward to celebrating with the community and for everyone to get to check out the new COMU.”


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