Do You Have A Weird Or Unique Holiday Tradition? We Want To Hear It

EXmas is coming Nov. 17, and in the movie, Leighton Meester spends the holidays with the family of her ex (played by Robbie Amell) and discovers that they have an ~interesting~ holiday tradition.

Leighton Meester holding Christmas wrap and looking appalled
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So now we're thinking about holiday traditions, specifically interesting, funny, or weird ones. If you — like me — are lucky enough to do something nice (even if small) each year for the holidays, alone or with your friends and family, please tell me: What are your holiday traditions?

Scene of family playing a board game around a table in EXmas
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Do you spend the day cooking something specific, unexpected, or sentimental?

Couple baking together in Christmas sweaters in EXmas movie
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Do you pull hilarious, elaborate holiday pranks on your family members?

Leighton in EXmas running and holding a toilet plunger surrounded by Christmas decorations
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Do your parents have some other weird tradition they convince you to uphold every year?

Parents in EXmas on the phone

In EXmas, the parents make the "kids" go to a bar every Christmas Eve so they can have a special night alone to do special...parent things.

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Maybe you do something outrageous with your coworkers, friends, or roommates to mark the holidays? Or maybe you have your own private holiday tradition that you love to do by yourself?

Leighton alone at the bathroom sink in EXmas
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Maybe it's something you look forward to all year, or maybe it's something you dread?

Close-up of sister in EXmas squinting
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Whatever it is, drop your weirdest and funniest holiday traditions in the comments below and we'll feature the best responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

Psst: Check out the trailer for EXmas here. This hilarious holiday rom-com starring Leighton Meester and Robbie Amell is about two exes who are forced to spend the holidays together, and it's coming to Freevee on Nov. 17.