Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, by Zodiac Sign

Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, by Zodiac SignMargie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

You don't need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here's what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


7 of wands
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

We are all under pressure and being asked to do more with less. That's capitalism for you! Yesterday’s targets are today’s norms. It’s hard to keep up. The Seven of Wands asks you to make your own demands this week. Stand tall and hold firm. Believe in your value. Take what you need. Fight for your rights. Fortify your position. Nothing is given to you on a plate, so damn make sure you’re getting what you deserve.


king of swords
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Step into the arena, Aries, because you’re ready to launch a campaign, a mission, or even an attack, and it involves pushing back. We can’t help but brush up against others on our journey, it’s inevitable. The Knight of Swords shows that this week’s interactions are about you making a mark, setting your agenda, and creating new territory for yourself. Many zodiac signs would wince at such a week, but you’re ruled by Mars. You were born to fight!


ace of swords
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

So you’ve been considering this topic or secret or question for some time, and you’re tired of listening to your own internal voice about it. Taurus, the Ace of Swords reveals that this is a week of brutal honesty, truths, and revelations. Get stuff off your chest. Let others vent and react. Listen, but speak, too. More progress can be gained from transparent conversations than another month of procrastination or analysis. Start talking.


4 of pentacles
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

There's nothing worse than feeling stuck in a rut, living the same old routine over and over. You hate that! The Four of Pentacles hints that life has started to feel that way recently. It’s okay, Gemmy, it’s the end of winter, that’s all. You are getting ready for a new season. So make some plans! Think about what you're going to do this spring. Make some plans. Create things to look forward to. Soon, life will be moving more quickly again.


the star
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

A beautiful card for a beautiful person! Cancer, you deserve the world. You do so much for others, give so generously, and love so hard. Sometimes (most of the time) you don’t get back what you put in, but this week is different. The Star brings you cosmic powers to make a dream come true. Not just any old wish, but something you've hoped for, for a long time. Make it count! What do you yearn for? Who’s on your mind? Where do you wish to be at? Consider your dream, clarify it, visualize it, and make a move in its direction. The universe is ready to deliver.


Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Leo, you enjoy all aspects of justice. First, sleuthing. You can use everyday tech to solve crimes, do background checks, and justify your own demands. Second, social justice and campaigning. You are a defender of the vulnerable, a voice for the voiceless, and a natural protector. You like to project your opinions and take action. Third, seeing actual justice served. You are pretty binary when it comes to that: An eye for an eye. This week, these themes will be playing out in your world. Be a superhero!


8 of pentacles
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Keep grafting, Virgo. I know I don’t need to tell you that because you’re one of the hardest and most diligent workers around, BUT I do need to tell you that the breakthrough you need is coming this week. Don’t give up now, because the end is nearer than you think. The Eight of Pentacles is like a little reassuring back rub when you’re tired. Keep going! Almost there!


wheel of fortune
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Lots of exciting vibes, energies, and opportunities swirling around you this week, Libra, so make sure you’re alert. Even the crappy stuff could turn out to have a major silver lining, so don’t turn your nose up at anything. Be curious, proactive, and positive. The Wheel of Fortune is a powerful card of transformation. If you lean into the opportunities, you could change more about your world in one week than a whole year!


queen of pentacles
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

You are taking on a new level or type of responsibility related to money, work, home, or health. You know you have the insight, motivation, leadership skills, and authority to take charge here. Others will follow your lead, and now it’s time to make that shift from led to leader. This is a great week for you. It's time to step into the limelight, showcase your ideas, gain support, and become even more respected and admired. Be confident.


king of cups
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

People often underestimate how compassionate and wise you are because you’re too busy being the party animal of the group. But Sag, you are a natural philosopher. You think deeply, observe closely, and never judge. The King of Cups sees that side of you coming to the foreground this week and others are seeking advice. Be wise. Listen well. Advice might not be needed as much as comforting reassurance.


7 of pentacles
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Duty and obligation sit more lightly on your shoulders than on most other people. You are ruled by Saturn, after all, so taking responsibility comes naturally. The Seven of Pentacles sees you, perhaps uncharacteristically, questioning some of these obligations, duties, and roles this week. The Seven of Pentacles also hints that you’re right to do so. You have taken on burdens that don’t belong to you (or not just you). Question, challenge, delegate, and ditch. Make sure you’re only carrying forward things you alone should be doing. In the long run, this is for the best.


the hanged man
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

For such an innovative thinker, you sometimes get stuck in an ideology that stops you from making progress, solving a puzzle, or getting what you want. In short, you can be your own worst enemy. The Hanged Man asks you to consciously step outside of your own mindset and experience. See someone else's point of view, project yourself into their feelings, and understand their position better. When you do, the answers to this current conundrum will be very clear.


5 of cups
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Moods are passing and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Everything changes. The Five of Cups reminds you not to get stuck in dwelling on a past source of pain. It’s over now. There’s nothing positive to be done here, so release this feeling and watch it fade and disappear. Don’t pick at the scab, revisit the most painful parts, or linger in the sad feelings. You survived. Look ahead, not back.

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