Your Weekly Love Horoscope for The Week of May 20, 2024

Your Weekly Love Horoscope for The Week of May 20, 2024. Discover your Weekly Love Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


This isn't a week that's supercharged with romance, but you will be negotiating some large things, think of them as chess pieces, to position yourself for future possibilities in the romantic realm. If you need something on Monday that isn't coming, flip on the high-wattage charm. On Tuesday through Thursday, when everything in the outside world is a mess, take your cues from deep in your subconscious. On Friday and Saturday, some harebrained idea leads you onto the path of someone unusual (and possibly unusually attractive). Interesting! On Sunday, mull over your next move.


Everything looks color enhanced on Monday. Something great is going on your life, possibly in the romantic realm, that confers mystique and beauty on even the most ordinary stuff. On Tuesday through Thursday, you're thinking about one person the whole time, and you're totally devoted. You want to grab them and shout "mine!" Alas, this sort of possessiveness doesn't always come across so well. On Friday and Saturday you're taking a philosophical approach to things, but Sunday is practical and no-nonsense.


No hearts and flowers this week. No cherubs smiling down on you and your lover from a high perch. It's pretty grueling, in fact, Monday, especially. Work, work, work! Tuesday through Thursday bring a more sensible pace, giving you an opportunity to really pay attention to what's happening around you, but sadly what's happening around you has nothing to do with love or potential love or even beauty. It's all ordinary work stuff. It isn't until Friday or Saturday that you get a chance to connect with someone one-on-one. Your relationship is about to get deeper.


Your home life is the center of your attention on Monday. Something's up, and whatever it is could well be having an impact on your love life. The trick is to stay active. Think optimistically and creatively. Then, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, get in the proverbial passenger seat and let things unfold as they will. Stepping in and trying to sort things out only presents further complications at this juncture. On Friday and Saturday, if you feel like staying home and watching romantic comedies, stay home and watch romantic comedies. Same goes for Sunday. The weekend is yours.


If you've been waiting for someone to get on the same page as you, wait no longer. Monday is a day of incredible eye-to-eye connection, and it may transpire over a date. Romance is huge at the start of the week, but it's not very pronounced from Tuesday through Thursday. (These days are for recharging.) Friday and Saturday are spectacular. Do you want bouquets of flowers? Sure. Do you want two days of romantic action and adventure? Sure. You want a tiger jumping through a ring of fire while a plane flies above, trailing an "I love you" sign? Coming right up!

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You and your special someone are buying something together, but the prospect of it makes you raise your eyebrows. A conversation is inevitable. What does this mean? On Tuesday through Thursday you're in full "let's talk about everything we're feeling" mode, although you're doing less talking and more listening. Very wise. On Friday, to deal with some unusual tension, say something unusual, something not like you. Take a little risk. The more you learn about this person, the more you discover in yourself. Sunday is incredibly romantic.


The face of the person you're mad about appears to you everywhere on Monday: in your cereal bowl, in the clouds swirling outside the window, even when your eyes are shut. It's as if your mind knows you're not going to see much of this person this week and is trying to memorize them. Tuesday through Thursday are all business, and while Friday and Saturday are right for getting close to people (talking about yourself, taking conversational stabs in the dark), they are not especially romantic. The people you'll be getting close to will be pals. Sunday is a weird, sleepy day.


On Monday, you fumble every ball that comes your way, so don't try anything fancy with you-know-who, especially if you're still in the courtship stage. But Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday? These are magical days for you. Three in a row. You're supremely charged, radiant, laid-back, funny. You've never been more attractive, and people are literally lunging toward you. You only have one person in mind. If you've been together for a while, you're dreaming up something of a romantic rebirth between you two. If you're just starting out, spend the weekend considering how to get to the next stage.


Some advice for you this week is to pay attention to your friends. They are bringing out the best in you. And when you're with them, you're at your happiest. Something to think about (it will be on your mind from Tuesday through Thursday): Why isn't your romantic life as stimulating as your social life? Why are the interesting conversations these days happening between you and your platonic friends? The fact that you decide to see friends on Friday and Saturday, and that your love life is so off-to-the-side, reemphasizes the point. For the sake of shaking things up, plan an unusual date for Sunday.


You're not focused on romance this week; you're focused on the future, and you're not even particularly thinking about your romantic future. For some reason, other matters like your job, your influence, your ability to come up with the ideas that everyone else latches onto are more important to you right now (especially Tuesday through Thursday). On Friday and Saturday, you have to buckle down and get something done even though you're really not feeling it, but Sunday is all yours. You'll impress someone.


You are going to connect with someone totally random on Monday, or else you'll connect with someone you've known a while (possibly a love interest) about something you never knew you had in common. The conversation stays with you through the week, through the doldrums of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Then on Friday, someone (possibly the same person) strikes up a conversation with you that goes in a fascinating direction. If you happen to be single, Saturday is your best bet this week to meet someone, presenting you with new face after new face.


You and you-know-who have been doing smashingly well lately, but something comes up on Monday that throws a wrench into things, or at least a small nail. Deal with it right away to minimize any molehill-into-mountain action. On Tuesday through Thursday, your emotions are all over the place, but Friday is a day of stability, confidence, and luck. Same for Saturday. The only serious risk you run is putting your foot in your mouth. On Sunday, a friend asks you to be in charge of something.

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