Weekly Astrological Forecast, March 26-April 1: Reveling in Your Potential

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This week closes one of the year's busiest months astrologically. Although there are no major transits happening, there are two aspects worth noting. As Mercury and Jupiter come together in Aries and Venus pairs up with Uranus in Taurus, there’s the potential for it to be a "prayers being answered" kind of week.

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

In astrology, a conjunction is when two or more planets come within a few degrees of one another in the same sign. A partnership happens with each other. These planets are no longer express themselves individually. Rather, they blend and merge, mutually supporting one another's traits, energies, and intentions.

On March 28, 2023, Mercury will come into an exact conjunction, or very nearly at the same degree, with Jupiter in the fiery sign of Aries. Mercury is our mind. It is the planet of communication, mental processing, learning, rational thought, planning, technology, and travel. Jupiter is our planet of expansion. Wherever Jupiter moves, he leaves a trail of growth, luck, opportunity, and potential. And Aries is our zodiac sign of inspiration, ideas, passion, courageous action, and beginnings with a focus on the individual self and the unique path that awaits each of us.

On this day, we will experience a collaboration of thoughts, opportunity, and beginnings. Communication, growth, and inspiration. Mental processing, expansion, and action. It is a coming together of new ideas in service to the self. It is a door opening to the potential found within our communication and our inspired actions.

As these three archetypes come together, there is power within our voices. A power that invites us to share our passions, ideas, potential new beginnings, and sense of purpose. As we do so, it can seem as if we are perpetually in the right place at the right time, sharing the right things in the right way with the right people, circumstances, and opportunities in the right alignment.

This conjunction will bring focus to what we need, to our own greatest fulfillment, to filling our cup to a state of overflow. This cosmic event can be felt as if a window in time has opened, allowing us access to courage, guidance, clarity, support, passion, and aligned ideas. If you have been feeling that change is imminent, this conjunction is an auspicious time to take the steps that are necessary, one at a time.

Venus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

We end the month with Venus and Uranus coming to an exact conjunction on March 30, 2023, in the earthly sign of Taurus.

Venus is beauty, love, art, pleasure, receiving, and harmony. Uranus is change, originality, freedom, innovation, and evolution. Similar to Jupiter, Venus also speaks to blessings. The harmony that Venus brings with her allows for a sense of ease, receiving, and allowing.

Taurus, in which these two planets come together in partnership, is a patient, reliable, steady, grounded, and deliberate sign of the zodiac. Like Venus, it is also artistic, sensual, and a lover of all things related to beauty.

This conjunction is the bridging together of ease and evolution in a grounded fashion. Receptivity and deliberate change. Love, art, and authenticity--with an emphasis on self-love. It is the radical, forward-thinking essence of Uranus teaming up with pleasure, harmony, and steady action. It is an opportunity to come into our bodies as Taurus and Venus so desire, and bring the growth that we are ready for, bring originality in how we treat ourselves, and therefore what we allow as opportunities in our lives.

Your Invitation

There is the essence of new opportunity and trajectories opening itself to you this week. It is as if the cosmos is watching your back, urging you forward, opening doors, and supporting your every step.

This is a week to tune into your desire and purpose. Trust that as you lean into possibility, take inspired action, and keep dreaming the dreams that are uniquely yours, life will reciprocate. This week is one where your belief in self and bold, courageous action teams up with a sweet, sweet unravelling of receiving.

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