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'A Week Away' Star Bailee Madison Really Tries Her Best | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

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'The Fosters' and Netflix star Bailee Madison wants to ace our Expensive Taste Test SO. BAD. Watch more Expensive Taste Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obZld44OS7E&list=PLrx4fxhgMUOaVOO0wpBzPzmcQOimxiBHv 馃拝 How do you think she did? E for Effort? Jk - we 鉂わ笍 you, Bailee! Love Cosmo? Then come join our ~ elite ~ members-only crew. Sign up for Cosmo Unlocked: cosmopolitan.com/joinnow 馃敁

Video Transcript

BAILEE MADISON: What is that? Oh, my God, that is terrible. What's up, guys? I'm Bailee Madison, and I am playing expensive taste test with Cosmo.

Do I think I'm going to be good at this? I don't know. Have I watched every single video out there? Some of my friends have done this, 100%. Meghan Trainor did a video, my girl, Meg.

MEGHAN TRAINOR: She's a wizard, yeah.

BAILEE MADISON: So I would love to get to, at least, stay up there with her. Apparently, I can only get two things wrong to try and get on the board, so the pressure is on. Goosebumps, y'all.

OK, so I have what looks like these are charms. Like a charm bracelet. Oh, so here's what I told myself before I started. I said, you're going to go with gut instinct. You're not going to overthink it, so these terms are, obviously, much thicker.

We've got some diamond crystal here. Is it diamond? Is it crystals? I'm not sure, but it looks very nice. And then the second one is-- I mean, what? Is this for, like, a pinky toe?

What can fit in this? I would love to know. This is so small. Oh, this is throwing me. I'm going to say-- I'm going to say this is the more expensive one.


Yes! I'm telling you, this is like Christmas morning right now. Please just keep on saying yes to me. I'll be thrilled.

I could lose. Everything could go downhill from there, so let's keep going. The adrenaline.

They look the same. I'm having a little bit of PTSD, because the last time I picked up a tennis racket was when my mom signed me up for tennis camp. And I got really competitive, shocker, and fell backwards and broke both my wrists on the tennis court. So that's the last time I picked up a racket.

Y'all, this is-- oh, there's names. Wilson, stop shock. Let's see. This is lighter. Oh, see, I know Wilson better, like I know that name. I don't-- does that do anything? Is that supposed to help?


They're both Wilson. They're both Wilson. Who didn't tell me that? They're both Wilson. Wait, oh, different names, Ultra Power 105, Wilson Stop Shock.

I'm not going to get this one right, and that's OK. I can make up for it. I've just got to rip the Band-Aid off. What could be-- this is like-- oh, this is different. I just noticed this little thing in here. OK, I'm just going to decide. Gut instinct says this one. Me living on the edge says this one.


I knew it. I shouldn't have done it. It was this thing that threw me. Why would they add that in there? That just seems like added money.

To take it out of this, that seems like the cheaper option. To add more plastic in here, that's not-- that doesn't make any sense, guys. Wilson, hit me up. That's OK. I can come back from this.

Oh, food. See, I'm excited about this. Gummy Bears. They have a bite, like a little cayenne or something, like a little-- what are we talking? Champagne, love that.

Sorry, mom. I'm using my teeth. OK, here we go. Oh, whoa. That's like alcohol in a bag. I just turned 21, like this is insane. OK, hold on.

See, I like this better. This smells like a gummy bear. This smells like straight up alcohol. See, I like that.

This is better, but I don't think this is going to be the more expensive one. Because it's better. They taste the same. I think they taste the same.

Oh, whoa. That's a kick, y'all. OK, this is, like, iridescent a little bit. It's a little translucent. I'm going to go with-- oh, if this is a no. I'm going with this one.


I quit. This is the more expensive one? That's crazy. I mean, I get it. I would buy this one more.

I'd eat both. I'm just going to eat both bags later. Maybe this is a good thing, guys. Maybe it's good to not have expensive taste. That's what I'm going to tell myself.

OK, so now, I'm two for two, which means I've got to get every single one beyond this point correctly. No pressure. Awesome.

Oh, my gosh, this is like what you get in New York. I spent a lot of time in New York when I was little, and they always-- wait, both items are in here? And I used to always get, like, the little hot dog gummies or the crabby patties. I loved them. OK, I've seen this so many times.

This I know is like-- that's not crazy expensive. This is thrilling. Actually, I think this is a trick. Hold on. What is that? What is that? I'm sorry. What the heck is that?

- Pizza flavored candy.

BAILEE MADISON: Oh, my God, that is terrible. Oh Lord, who would buy that? Just get a pizza, y'all. Just buy a pizza. Have a whole pie to yourself. I'm sorry.

And if anyone's watching and you love this, I support you. I don't get you. I support you. Oh God, I mean, if that's more expensive, then, like, please save your money. Because that is just not worth it. I need to try it.

It smells like pepporonni. I'm just going to just eat this just because. See, oh, that is what I'm talking about. Guys, I couldn't tell you.

I can tell you, can we change the challenge to what tastes the best? That's the new, like, advice column on Cosmo. I'm signing up for it. If that's more expensive, I don't get it.

But I also feel like this is only, like, $1.00. I have to choose. Oh God, I don't know. I'm looking like I can get help, and no one's going to give me anything. This one.


BAILEE MADISON: Oh, thank God. I didn't think I had it. That is terrible. Hasta la vista to this guy over here. Oh, goodness gracious. Well, thank you. Look, it's a first, and I appreciate that, Cosmo.

Oh, love this coming up. OK, I'm ready. I'm so thrilled. All right, this is a Cheeto. This is a Flaming Hot Cheeto Puff.

I'm pretty sure it's Cheetos, because they're very, very airy. I love hot things. I could eat a bottle of Cholula hot sauce on its own and just be fine or, like, dip it in popcorn. I'm that weird girl.

Sorry, mom, again. I know that. I don't think it is Cheetos actually. See, these seem smaller. This seems like it's going to be more expensive, because they just look like a fancier version of a hot Cheeto, you know? My mom's going to kill me, and my dentist.

Oh yeah. Oh God, that's good. Oh, that's so good. This feels like it actually has, like, a real pepper smell to it, like an actual hot chili or something. Real crunchy. It's like flying out. These are more expensive.


Yeah, word of advice. Go cheap all the way. This is the way to go. I'm so happy. Oh God. Oh, I love that you guys got me these. Thank you. I'm really happy about this.

What is that, tea?

- Mhmm.

BAILEE MADISON: Tea. Oh, I'm so glad, because one of my favorite hobbies is sitting down and going for teas, just checking the inside of the tea bag to see the quality. I'll be great at this one, guys. I feel like I'm mining for something. I'm going to check the leaf quality.

I genuinely thought they were going to be bird seeds when I first saw it. OK, I should have just gotten scissors up in here. It's because I've been trying to moisturize more lately, if we're being honest, guys. Oh, that's lovely.

I've got of bite this again. Do you have a knife? Please. Thank you, guys, so much. OK, I just wanted to say the answer. Did you see me hesitate?

This one has, like, a light mint, but it feels a little-- it feels sweeter to me, which makes me feel like it's a more-- like there's something in there, whereas this feels like it's a pure mint. I'm going-- do I want to go with this one? This one.

- So you're saying that one?

BAILEE MADISON: No, I don't think I am. I think-- I don't know actually. Yeah, I'm going with this one.


I thought we were friends. I really did. I mean, that's so interesting to me. That's fine, so I've lost. I won't even make it on the board. Hasta la vista. That doesn't make any sense, guys.

This is just for fun now? You know what it should be? It should be don't do as bad as Bailee Madison did, and then, at least, I'm a part of a conversation before the videos. That is so hard. OK, that's OK. I'm going to get through this.

Oh, paint. Thank you so much. This is quite fun. Oh, it matches, too, you guys. How did we know?

OK, well, this has a more watery consistency. This is chunky. This is like a-- this is acrylic definitely. It's very jelly like. Oh, now, I'm just going to paint.

Y'all, I mean, how am I supposed to know this? OK, this is-- I don't know what to tell you guys. None of these are, honestly, applying the way that I would like them to apply. This is a darker color though.

Let's do what more. Can we-- do you see how thick that is? Can you tell? That is no bueno, or is it? I don't know.

So I would just like to-- before we get into this, first, I'd like to suck up by showing you the painting that I did for the next set of questions. It says, I love Cosmo, right? You guys love me, too, I think, maybe, this new friendship we have here.

Had I not skipped a really important step in the tea bag, which was actually looking at the tea leaves, I would have gotten it. And I feel like we should-- food for thoughts and consideration. --to give me that point. I think it'd be fair. Also, not being shady. I've watched all the videos. Some people just have to look at socks or, like, sweatpants.

- What are these?

BAILEE MADISON: And I feel like I've really been put through the ringer, so I just feel like, think about it. Get back to me. Let me know. All right, it won't matter anyways, because I'm not going to get this.

Y'all, this makes no sense. Everything is telling me to say this one, and then everything is also telling me to say this one. It's like I have two little painting guys on my shoulder. Pick me. Pick me.

Here's all I'd like to say to point this out, right? This looks like that, and then this looks like that. You tell me the difference in colors or anything, because I can't see it at all.

This is like smoother, I guess. This coat's more. I'm going to go this one.


That's fine. You know, I didn't want to-- I didn't want to get it anyways. I'm glad. I'm really glad that didn't work out. How is it the black top? This one coats better. Wait, hold on.

Now, I'm overthinking, because now, I'm like, well, if I pick the lavender cap last time, and it wasn't the lavender cap. Maybe it's the lavender cap this stuff. I don't know.

Well, my first note I would like to say about this one is wherever the foundation went, it's left the cam. It's empty, so that should be telling. Hold on. There's some up here.

Oh, well, this has sunscreen in it, which I know is really good for you, but it freaks me out. Well, so does that one. I just don't like the way-- unless it's supposed to be, like, so severe that-- OK, sorry. Please hold, guys. I really care about this one.

Oh, this is way more coverage. That could explain why this is so thin, because it's way lighter. And sometimes, guys, the less coverage is the more expensive one, you know? OK, I mean, I've lost anyways, right?

So let's just have fun with this thing. Let's just start picking. Yeah, I'm going to go-- this is just so thin. It's throwing me. I feel like that is going to be more expensive, but this just coats so much better. OK, final answer, this one, although, I do think it is this one.


That's OK, though, because technically, got it right. Just did it, you know? It's OK. Mentally, in my head, I don't feel like I'm losing, because I do know that I'm better than what I'm doing right now in my life.

Lipstick, love this. OK, y'all, I'm really not like-- I don't wear-- I'm not that girly when it comes to make up things, unless I'm working. So I couldn't tell you. I mean, they are-- oh, that's quite nice. I'd wear that.

That's very sheer. This looks like-- you know what? It's going to plop that guy on here. Just really check out the texture, you know? Oh, the pigmentation here is quite lovely.

That feels hydrating. I do like that way it-- I have two different colored lips. How's that look, guys? This is just when I get sad when I just don't know. This smells like the closest thing to, like, Mac or something.

This just smells too good that it's throwing me. I'm going to go with the-- which one? The lavender cap. I change my mind. That's not it. I choose-- hold on. Hold on. Yeah, I chose the lavender cap.


Wrong. Yeah, I would say so. Guys, I don't get it. Honestly, do you want to know what? I kind of like that I don't have a sense of taste. I'm not mad at it.

I feel like that's a good quality to have. It could have been worse. Am I the last person on the board?

- You did only get three out of nine products correct.

BAILEE MADISON: Is that true?

- But you got a nine out of nine for personality.

BAILEE MADISON: Nine out of nine? Thank you. OK, nine out of nine on personality. All right, you guys, thank you so much for watching.

I had a great time, and hopefully, you had a good laugh with me. I think had I not gotten the Cheetos correctly, I wouldn't have walked away proud, but that's me in a nutshell. That's what I got right, so I'm good with that.