Week 4 Pickups: Which rookie wideouts are we picking up?

On the latest Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Andy Behrens is joined by John Paulsen of 4for4.com to preview waiver wire transactions they are looking at this week heading into week 4 of the NFL season.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Wow. The rookies sort of went off. At least a couple of rookies did. Tee Higgins, a couple of touchdowns. This is two weeks in a row that he's drawn a fair number of targets. It wasn't a perfectly clean game from Tee Higgins. But they targeted him in goal-to-go situations. And those targets haven't really been working for AJ Green. They sure worked for Tee Higgins. That was good to see. Allen Lazard, of your Packers, with kind of a wild game. And he did some things that I don't normally associate with Allen Lazard. Right? It was like a couple of deep shots that you might normally think would go to MVS or certainly to Davante Adams. But no Davante seemed to work out for Lazard. He was great. Had a touchdown in that one. A couple of long gaines. Andy Isabella is probably going to be a popular add. Because he's coming off a two touchdown game. Even though pretty light workloads. Obviously not the number one or the number two there. Golden Tate, without Sterling Shepard, gets interesting to me. And then we have a couple of guys that probably interest me more than anybody else on this list. And that is Chase Claypool, of the Steelers, who was just a freak at the combine. Right? Like he's got size. He's got speed. He's a leaper. We've already seen him make highlight plays this year. And he had a quiet Week Three, relatively speaking, in terms of just fantasy production. But he out-snapped every other Pittsburgh receiver. He played 61 snaps in this game. That, to me, is really good to see. And this is one of those opportunities where, like, maybe you don't have to bid as much to get a guy. Like you can get him ahead of the big week. Like surely there's a big week coming for Chase Claypool if he's going to see the field as much. As talented as he is. And with what we've already seen him do with Ben Roethlisberger. And then we have to somehow deal with this Cedrick Wilson week. Because I don't even know how to process it. Like, as good as the Cowboys' offense is, I don't really think they can support four fantasy receivers. That doesn't happen very often. Along with a tight end that is pretty frisky and we care about. But if you can make a case for Cedrick Wilson, please do it.

JOHN PAULSEN: I'm going to ignore Cedrick Wilson's big week. If it happens again soon, then I will start to pay attention. But he was, I think, fifth in snaps at the receiver position. Or maybe fourth. But that was a good list of guys that you mentioned. Higgins is definitely moving up. I believe he led the Bengals in routes run or snaps. One of the two. Maybe both. Chase Claypool, I think, is definitely a good add if Dionte Johnson looks like he's going to miss any time. You know, as the third or fourth receiver splitting time with James Washington, I'm not as high on him. But he's almost like a Mecole Hardman plus type guy. Where, you know, all it takes is one injury to that receiving corps, and he's now on the field 70, 80% of the time. And we've seen what he can do even in limited snaps. So definitely there. You know, Lazard, I think, once Adams comes back, you're going to kind of fall into the same pattern where MVS has a big game. And maybe Lazard has a big game. And then you just can't count on all three of them. But he was really impressive against the Saints in a game that MVS was just completely blanked. And, if they didn't have Lazard, they would have been kind of lost in the passing game, I think. Andy Isabella was behind KeeSean Johnson in snaps. He was one of my sneaky starts last week. I thought he was going to take over that Christian Kirk role. But didn't. It was more of a short area. He got the two touchdowns. So, you know, he got a little bit lucky there. But the four catches for 40-something yards. Usually he's a 20-yard-per-catch guy. So I was expecting him to see a lot of air yards in that game. He didn't see it. So maybe that's going to come. Because KeeSean Johnson didn't do much at all. But how long is Kirk out? That's the big question. His value sort of drives up when Kirk comes back. So the only other names I wanted to mention, maybe, is Brandon Aiyuk. He had the big game for the 49ers. I believe he's under 50% in Yahoo! leagues, as far as being owned. They handed the ball to him three times, as well. He had 101 total yards. So he might be available on your waiver wire. Seems to be trending up. But it doesn't look like Deebo Samuel is going to be back until Week Five. So you may have another week where he's maybe the featured guy.