Week 5 DFS locks, fades - Vikings' Justin Jefferson

Yahoo Sports' Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don offer up their DFS locks and fades for this week's slate of games, including a WR who's seeing a lot more volume.

Video Transcript

DALTON DEL DON: Justin Jefferson is $20. As I said, Seattle has allowed 500 more yards to wide receivers than the next most team. It's a funnel defense that's actually played the run pretty well. You like that combo. Minny has that narrow target tree.

It's always fun do this DFS with Yahoo. They have the Sunday night game on the main slate, so you have some player minutes remaining there. Justin Jefferson, a high score, 57 and 1/2 over/under you said. So, yeah, give me Justin Jefferson this week for my DFS pick.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I feel like if you're playing that slate with the Sunday night game, you got to have something in this game. I just don't think it's in the DNA of these teams to play a 17-13 game. So you better get somebody in that game, whether it's Cook, whether it's one of the Seattle guys, Wilson. If you want to pay down for Cousins, Thielen, I don't care.

Some team is scoring 40 points or 35 points in that game, and you're gonna wish-- and both teams have really narrow trees. That's the thing. It's not like Kirk Cousins is throwing touchdown passes to Irv Smith. It's not like the Seahawks have a running back who's gonna score three touchdowns probably, although Carson is a good player. So I think you need a lean in that game.

One of the plays that jumped out for me. Because now that the quarterbacks are scoring so many points every week, I'm less friendly with a quarterback punt, and I'm paying up more often for quarterbacks. I think we all know you have to pay up for some running backs because that's where the cheese is. So I find myself paying down at receiver one of my slots.

And I know Hunter Renfrow didn't have a great game against Buffalo, but he got going late in that game. There's been injuries. He was on a pace-- the last eight or nine games last year, he was catching passes at maybe an 85-catch pace. So I think he has a connection with Derek Carr.

And we know the slot throws are easier to define. They're often easier to complete. So I feel like Renfrow is gonna have one of those boring seven for 81 games as the Raiders try to play catch-up. And he's just $11 in Yahoo DFS.

DALTON DEL DON: My fade I said was Dalvin Cook. Obviously gonna use him in your fantasy team. But he's the same price as Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who I like at home against the Raiders. Whereas the other reasons I said, Seattle defends the run really well actually. So I think Minnesota is gonna score more through the air there.

So one other guy-- I'll just give you a real cheap one just because I wanted to mention him earlier, and I forgot. I think Zach Pascal or Paschall-- I get confused because of the Warriors player-- is quietly emerging as the number one receiver ahead of TY Hilton on the Colts. And if you're looking for a cheap DFS play, I like him. My bold statement of the week, I'll say Pascal outscores your guy Odell Beckham in that Cleveland Browns-Colts game in fantasy points this week.