Wedding guest refuses to take crying baby out of ceremony: ‘Not your baby, not your responsibility’

A bridesmaid isn’t sure if she handled a situation correctly.

She explained what went down on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She attended her friend Amy’s wedding along with the maid-of-honor, Liz, and her boyfriend, Joe. Amy’s wedding was child-free, but she made an exception for Joe and Liz’s 9-month-old son, Ellis.

During the ceremony, Liz and Amy took part in a cultural ritual. Joe filmed while it was happening. Then Ellis started crying while the Reddit poster was holding him.

“Ellis started fussing and crying and he clearly wanted a parent so I gave him to Joe, who put him in the pushchair,” she wrote. “But Ellis carried on crying and Amy was shooting DAGGERS in our direction.”

She told Joe to take Ellis into the hallway. Joe resisted because he was recording. After the two bickered, Joe took Ellis into the hall. After the ceremony, Liz asked what had happened.

“I told her I didn’t want to miss Amy’s wedding,” the Reddit poster wrote. “She replied that I made her bf and son miss an important moment for her and now Joe was really pissed off and felt like he was ‘othered.’”

Redditors sided with the bridesmaid on this one.

“How is it your responsibility over the baby’s FATHER?” a person wrote.

“Not your baby, not your responsibility,” another commented.

“You are absolutely blameless,” someone added.

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