Wedding guest goes behind bride’s back to get personalized dinner: ‘Is it too late to uninvite [them]?’

A bride cannot believe how difficult a wedding guest is being over the menu.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Her friend’s partner is unsatisfied with the catering options at the wedding. He refuses to choose between grilled salmon, grilled chicken or mushroom stroganoff.

Not only has he called the bride multiple times to change his meal preference, but he also went behind her back. He called the caterer and demanded they make him an expensive steak, vegetables, boiled potatoes and peppercorn sauce.

But the caterer reiterated that he had to pick from the three options. The bride said she “saw red.” Then she called him and told him she was assigning him the chicken.

“He argued I was being a bridezilla and that I needed to get off my high horse,” the bride wrote. “His partner has also been in touch, constantly sending me messages about how I know that he needs to have ‘proper’ meat at every meal otherwise he’s sick.”

Redditors thought the guest was being unruly.

“I’ve never seen a post here more clear cut. Is it too late to uninvite the pair of them?” someone wrote.

“If he needs red meat so badly he can go through the McDonald’s drive-thru on his way home,” another commented.

“That’s ridiculous. I would uninvite him,” a user replied.

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