Wedding guest baffled by bride and groom’s reception dinner: ‘They definitely cheaped out and didn’t own up to it’

A wedding guest was floored by the bride and groom’s lack of concern over dinner.

The guest went on Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum to vent. When they heard the wedding would have a taco bar, the Reddit poster was actually excited. However, things played out much differently in reality. The taco bar buffet quickly ran out of meat and there weren’t really any alternatives or acknowledgment.

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“Went to a wedding which I had to travel for,” the Redditor wrote. “The bride is a friend of mine from way back. Anyway, the wedding was a little strange. You could tell they spent on certain things and did not at all on other things. For instance, there were decent passed hors d’oeuvres.”

“Now, I do not care at all if there is a buffet instead of a plated dinner. Woohoo to seconds! And I like tacos. I have been to a different wedding where the dinner was a taco buffet and it was excellent.”

The trouble arose when everyone realized there wasn’t enough of the protein to go around.

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“Well…. we saw a lady directing people to get up table by table. We waited and waited, so did the table next to us,” the post read. “Then, no one was directing people to go up to eat. We got up to the buffet on our own and the taco meat was gone. My friend asked one of the staff there about the food and they were able to scrounge up the meat they were going to use to feed the band. All in all, I ate a taco with rice inside of it because I didn’t want the band to starve.”

“Even more bizarre- we knew the father of the bride knew they had run out of food. However, this was not ever addressed or acknowledged to us. It was our table of like 8 and the next table of like 8. Other corners were cut too. There was clearly no staff to clear out tables for the dancefloor so we had about 1/8 of the room to dance. Just altogether a very weird experience.”

Redditors agreed that food was an essential requirement at a wedding.

“They definitely cheaped out and didn’t own up to it,” someone replied.

“We spent SO MUCH on our wedding food so we could have more than enough for everyone. I don’t regret it at all, everyone loved it,” another commented.

“Food and drink should flow. Save money on the flowers but for goodness sake, food and drinks should be in abundance,” another said.

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