Wedding crasher nearly tricks bride into letting them stay for party

This bride had to have the police kick out a drunk wedding crasher from her reception.

TikToker and bride Paige sat down for storytime to tell a tale of “alcoholism, gaslighting and a magician.” With the help of her family members and wedding planner, Paige figured out a woman had crashed the wedding at her grandfather’s small cattle ranch.

Paige first noticed the wedding crasher on the dance floor. She said there was a woman that was “grinding on people in my bridal party” and “very drunk.”

The wedding crasher eventually approached Paige and complimented the ceremony. The woman tried to play it off as though Paige didn’t remember her.

However, the woman’s guilt trip worked. It triggered Paige’s social anxiety, and she spent 30 minutes at her wedding trying to figure out who the wedding crasher was. She confirmed with her father-in-law that the wedding crasher wasn’t from her husband’s side.

Paige then asked her wedding planner to get to the bottom of things. The wedding crasher claimed to be “Sarah,” Paige’s neighbor. Paige double-checked with her mom that it wasn’t her neighbor.

The local sheriff eventually took away the woman as she picked a card from a magician at the reception. Funnily enough, “Sarah” was arrested with the card in her hand, and Paige’s family members had to chase her down to retrieve the card.

Paige’s story racked up over 9.8 million views, but she had to disable comments on the video. In a follow-up, she clarified that it was due to “being harassed for kicking a drunk stranger out of my wedding.”

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