We Cracked Khloe Kardashian's Gymwear Formula

Most starlets treat going to the gym like an elaborate photo call — perfect high ponytail, clutching a green juice, sporting a smoky cateye that’d be imprudent for anyone actually planning to break a sweat. Khloe Kardashian, however, is not that girl. She’s often spotted heading to the gym (you don’t get a “revenge body” without putting in work) in outfits that are cute, but practical, and repetitive enough to make us feel 100% better about always reaching for our one pair of opaque yoga pants. Stars: They’re just like us!

In fact, Khloe kind of wears the exact same outfit at the gym every time — but, like all serial outfit repeaters, she knows accessories are the key to keeping it interesting. Click ahead for a closer look at how you can cop Khloe’s workout style. We’d snicker in the back row of a SoulCycle class with her any day.

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