'The True Cost' Spotlights Fashion's Dark Underbelly

We all enjoy fashion (at least, if you’re reading this site, we hope you do), but have you ever thought about where your favorite duds come from? A new documentary encourages consumers to give this question some thought. The True Cost, which is directed by Andrew Morgan and credits Livia Firth as one of its filmmakers, just released the official trailer for the film that comes out on May 29. Juxtaposing street style subjects and fashion shows with footage of burning buildings in Bangladesh, riots in Cambodia, and the slum-like conditions in China, The True Cost is a very real portal into the world of fast fashion and the more disastrous effects of globalization.

“The film is not a guilt trip and it’s not one of those downer things that we’ve all seen before,” says Morgan in a clip on the movie’s website. “It’s really an invitation to say, ‘hey there is something really important in the world that you have not considered.’ And you are a part of something intrical just by buying clothes.”

Livia Firth, center, with her husband Colin, and director Andrew Morgan. Photo: Getty Images

The True Cost has already caused a stir in Cannes where it debuted last week. (Harvey Weinstein has already commented that it is going to “shock the fashion world.”) Hopefully the film will serve as a catalyst for change so that not only can we look good, but feel good too. Ethical fashion is the way forward.