Here's where to store all of those water bottles you keep buying, for just $25

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Get rid of the clutter with this convenient water bottle organizer. (Source: iStock)
Get rid of the clutter with this convenient water bottle organizer. (Source: iStock)

Drinking tumblers seem to multiply like rabbits. Perhaps you're a hardcore Starbucks merchandise collector, or maybe you just live in a fairly large household. Nonetheless, the ever-growing collection of flasks and cups in your home can be a sneaky culprit when it comes to clutter and disorganization. But it doesn’t have to be.

With a versatile water bottle organizer, you can free up extra kitchen space and save yourself from having to rummage through your cupboards whenever you need a bottle. Forget about the hassle of a tumbler avalanche every time you open the cabinet doors and give your gorgeous water bottle collection a home today.

Water bottle organization for a clutter-free space

This adjustable water bottle rack is perfect for your kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves. (Source: Amazon)
This adjustable water bottle rack is perfect for your kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves. (Source: Amazon)

$24.99 at Amazon

Have you ever found yourself reaching all the way to the back of the cabinet only to then knock over all of the water bottles? It’s a classic kitchen storage problem. Water bottles are oddly shaped and super lightweight, making them unable to withstand even the slightest of touches without falling over.

With this sturdy tumbler rack, however, you can easily keep each container in place. Its multiple adjustable shelves can hold up to nine bottles of different shapes and sizes. The design makes it versatile and suitable for not just water bottles, but also protein shakers, baby bottles and travel mugs.

In addition to preventing clutter, this water bottle organizer can also help you save valuable kitchen space. Display it on your countertop to show off your collection or hide it inside a cabinet. The shelves are easy to adjust, so you can compress or expand this rack to fit wherever you need it.

Amazon shoppers are loving this space-saving kitchen accessory, and we can't argue with them. Read what this verified customer has to say in their five-star review:

“This saved my cabinet space. I have a relatively small kitchen and a LOT of tumblers/water bottles, and this make such great use of cabinet space and freed up so much space for other things. Highly recommend!”

Some racks can help you organize and save space, but they aren't solid or secure enough to hold stainless steel or glass tumblers. Luckily, this water bottle holder isn't like your average kitchen rack. It's made of strong steel wires and has non-slip feet. Its sturdy base keeps your bottles from moving, sliding or toppling over, thereby extending their useful life and preventing unsightly dents

This tumbler organizer is easy to assemble, and you can do it yourself in less than a minute. Insert the wire legs into the base, snap in the shelves, stack your bottles and voila, you're done! There are no tools or installations required, making it a great buy for those who don’t want an additional home-improvement project.

Keep your kitchen tidier for just $25

This classic kitchen storage problem is easily solved with a little love and care from Amazon’s best-selling water bottle holder.

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