Netflix's "He's All That," The New "She's All That," Is Here And I Have Some Thoughts

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He's All That, the new, gender-switched adaptation of '90s classic She's All That, is out now on Netflix.

Padgett smiles while sitting in the back seat of the car

It stars Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan as the popular kid and "loser" respectively. As a huge fan of the original, I was a little nervous and also a little excited going into the new movie.

Here are all the thoughts I had while watching it... (Spoilers ahead!)

Cameron looks annoyed while driving a car

1. We open with a bedroom, classic teen movie trope. I’m getting total pink princess vibes from the room.

2. Of COURSE she’s an influencer. Art imitates life.

3. That is a super-cute dress she is wearing.

4. OMG, her house does not match her room at all. PLOT TWIST.

5. But how is her room so big in such a tiny house?


7. Is she meant to be actually Laney?

8. Oh, no. A different character I think. Still, it’s good to see her!

9. Their mother/daughter dynamic is cute.

10. Oh, here is the guy who needs a makeover. He does look kinda grubby.

11. A bit disappointed that they broke the “ugly until they remove their glasses trope.”

12. (Not really, that trope is vile and deserves to die.)

13. (*adjusts glasses*)

Padgett's mother wears scrubs and sits at a kitchen table holding a coffee mug

14. Her name is Padgett? Um, I am very sorry to all the Padgetts out there, but what the hell kind of name is that?

15. I just know she is heading for heartbreak on her boyfriend’s music video set. I just KNOW he’s gonna be cheating on her.

16. Oh nooooo, she’s livestreaming.

17. He’s listening to his own music while he’s banging loooool.

18. His hair screams “douche,” so I guess that’s appropriate.


20. Love the mom’s energy of turning them into a two-woman Golden Girls and ditching men altogether.

21. I’m sorry, how can anyone be on the douche ex-boyfriend’s side in this situation?

22. Kourtney Kardashian?!!

23. She is not great at this very basic acting.

24. Like, Addison Rae is acting the shit out of this compared to her.

Padgett looks at the camera, horrified, with her makeup running

25. This movie is really following the exact same beats as the original.

26. The curly haired friend is definitely jealous of Padgett. I bet she’ll betray her.

27. Photographing garbage is very Laney Boggs of makeover dude.

28. No offence to Padgett, but her makeover of her ex-boyfriend does not exactly sell her makeover skills.

29. The lead guy is a horse boy. Important representation.

30. Padgett has a sense of humor and is super cute, and Addison Rae is quite charming playing her. I’m into this.

31. I’m less into the lead guy. I should probably learn his name…

32. Cameron! Cameron is his name.

33. Anyway, I am waiting for Cameron to be less of a jerk.

34. Oh no, she fell in horse poop.

35. Was Cameron even born when his old-ass brick phone was released?

36. Of course the karaoke party is actually a pool party.

37. So much sponcon in this scene lol.

38. TikTok dances really don’t look so good outside of the confines of your phone screen.

39. OMG, Cameron is gonna come to her rescue with the karaoke — OK, I love him now.

40. Poor choice of song though; nothing can beat Darren Criss’s version of “Teenage Dream” on Glee.

41. They liiiiike each other.

Cameron and Padgett sing into microphones

42. Suddenly a wild grandma appears.

43. Addison Rae really is charming.

44. Cameron’s photos are not great.

45. Was this conversation at the train station the first scene they filmed? It is so...stilted.

46. Finally someone is pointing out the tackiness of Great Gatsby–themed parties.

47. Makeover montage, yaaaaay.

48. Whoa, abs.

49. The slo-mo post-makeover reveal is perfect. He looks great.

50. Lol @ these teens actually dancing ‘20s-style to ‘20s music.

51. I just realized I should probably stop using ‘20s as shorthand for the 1920s because...we’re in the ‘20s now. Oh god.

52. Padgett’s ex-boyfriend is the worst.

53. Here for Padgett and Cameron’s best friends vibing. They’re cute.

54. Oh no, stay away from the younger girl, you terrible boy. Big Chuck Bass/Jenny Humphrey energy right now.

55. Padgett and Cameron are being cute in the photo booth. Kiss KISS KISS.

56. Damn, the moment got ruined.

Close-up of Cameron wearing a suit with his hair brushed away from his face

57. “Why’d you just take off your shirt?” lol.

58. Ehhhh, I’m not so into the over-protective big brother schtick. Like, this girl can handle herself.

59. NOOOOO, NOT HIS MOM’S CAMERA. This is so upsetting.

60. OMG, curly haired friend’s parents were in that giant cake the whole time.

61. I’m glad Cameron is calling Padgett out.

62. Yeeeeeah, curly haired friend hates Padgett.

63. More product placement!

64. OK, Cameron wants to be prom king now to get back at the douche ex. I lke this.

65. Not surprised curly haired friend is with the douche ex now. Although her extremely over-the-top bitchy behavior feels a little sudden.

66. Very here for Quinn and Nisha, the two good friends, getting together.

67. I’m sorry, but Cameron can fuck off with the “you don’t need all this makeup” bullshit.

68. But YAY, they finally kissed.

69. Tell him the truth, Padgett! Do it!

70. Of course she’s not telling him.

Padgett and Cameron kiss in his dark room

71. Product placement! Gonna turn this into a drinking game.

72. This promposal is making me cringe, I’m sorry.

73. “I WAS A FUCKING BET?!??” I am so glad they kept the best line from the original.

74. Now Laney is back! This movie needs more of her.

75. What a babe.

76. Really, Padgett? Cameron is the only thing you care about? Not your dreams? Friends? It’s OK to have other interests bb.

77. MATTHEW LILLARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

78. And they’re having a dance-off! I love this.

79. Why is this room so brightly lit though?

80. OK, the original dance scene with Usher was so much better.

81. Matthew Lillard is killing this.

82. Padgett won prom queen! But what is she planning?

83. Eek, this is so cheesy.

84. Lol, the curly haired friend/enemy came in fourth.

Cameron smiles while standing in front of a horse


86. Oh no, why is Cameron entering on a horse?

87. I am cackling.

88. I appreciate the idea of Padgett being done with Kourtney Kardashian, but HOW IS SHE GONNA PAY FOR COLLEGE?!?

89. Nooooooo don’t remix “Kiss Me.” This is offensive.

90. Matthew Lillard’s dance moves are the best part of this movie.

Matthew Lillard dances on a stage in front of a group of students at prom

91. Oh, Padgett is traveling with Cameron? So did she just...not go to college?

92. I’m glad they compromised on the whole social media thing.

93. And we’re done! OK, this movie wasn’t perfect, but I actually enjoyed it a lot. It felt like it honored the original while offering fresh moments for modern audiences.

94. Now I’m off to rewatch She’s All That yet again.