I Watched Every Single Jennifer Aniston Rom-Com And Ranked Them

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Growing up in the late '90s meant I learned who Jennifer Aniston was before I learned to read.

Jennifer Aniston
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She was one of those household names that you just grew up knowing without remembering how or why. She was everywhere. It seemed like every commercial — Jennifer Aniston; every movie was starring Jennifer Aniston or featuring her as a love interest, and gossip magazines were obsessed with analyzing every inch of her life.

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Since I was so young at the height of her fame, it wasn't until much later in life that I saw some of her more famous films. (And let me tell you, the woman has been in a lot of movies.)

Jennifer Aniston with a surprised look on her face.
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So, since I love a theme, and rom-coms are always a crowd-pleaser, I decided to watch every single one of her rom-coms and rank them. After thoroughly analyzing each movie for plot, performance, and costuming — here are all 17 rom-coms starring Jennifer Aniston, ranked.

17.The Bounty Hunter

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston in "The Bounty Hunter."

16.Along Came Polly

Jen wearing a tux and talking to Ben Stiller's character at a museum opening

15.Love Happens

Jen smiling sadly at her love

14.We're the Millers

Jen and Jason looking stressed and confused

13.She's the One

Jen and her husband walking the streets of New York


Jen and her love interest looking into the distance while standing at an amusement park

11.The Break-Up

Jen yelling at Vince Vaughn

10.Murder Mystery

Jen and Adam smiling in their victory wearing super fancy clothes

9.Friends with Money

Jen pushing a grocery cart looking super sad


Jen and Paul looking horrified in the woods

7.Just Go with It

Jen with her arm around her two children to introduce them

6.Mother's Day

Jen and Jason flirting by the vending machine

5.He's Just Not That Into You

Jen wearing a tight pink dress and holding a glass of wine

4.Rumor Has It

Jennifer and her grandmother in the movie questioning her assumed father

3.The Switch

Jennifer and her son looking at Jason Bateman at dinner

2.The Object of My Affection

Jennifer lying on top of Paul Rudd in bed

1.Picture Perfect

Jennifer in a tight green dress, holding the phone while  a man sleeps behind her

What's your favorite Jennifer Aniston rom-com? Let us know in the comments below!