Watch: Zeb Powell Throws Down at Mammoth on a Massive 205cm Board

Pro snowboarder and internet phenom Zebulon Powell made a big move on the old Instagram last week with a snowboard trick video edit that people seemed to really take a liking to. The video edit is from Mammoth Mountain, California when Zeb was there for a Thirty Two boots sales meeting and snowboard trip. A reason people liked this video is not only because Zeb is a high speed boarder with a mixed variety bag of tricks, but also because Zeb is riding a 205 centimeter snowboard, which is much bigger and longer than most snowboards on the market! Especially for Zeb's height and weight. Go off, Zeb!

Choosing the right sized snowboard is crucial for an optimal riding experience (which does not apply to Zeb because he is a super human), but a board that matches your weight, height, and riding style enhances control, stability, and maneuverability. Incorrect sizing can lead to difficulties in turning, carving, and overall performance, affecting both safety and enjoyment on the slopes.

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