Watch the World's Strongest Man Take on the U.S. Army Special Forces Obstacle Course

Emily Shiffer
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Photo credit: Martins Licis - YouTube
Photo credit: Martins Licis - YouTube

From Men's Health

World's Strongest Man Martins Licis loves training with the U.S. Army. He previously attended a session with the U.S. Army's Explosive Ordnance Disposal team at Fort Knox. Now, Licis shared footage from a trip to Fort Campbell, in Kentucky, to take on the U.S. Army Special Forces Obstacle Course.

The first obstacle is the vertical wall, which Licis has no trouble scaling. They then move to the balancing log, a balance beam with a log that rolls, making it extra hard. But Licis proves he has incredible balance, and also completes it with ease.

The next obstacle is an uneven log wall with two levels that Licis needs to scale that has a "dirty name because no one likes it", and Licis is no exception.

"Ohhh I don't like it," he says before he attempts. As he try to scale the first log, he falls off. "I'm not going to stand up on that thing!" he says.

They move on to the 'over under', where Licis gets low to slide under one set of logs, then climbs over another set. He crushes it, and moves on to the 'tough nut' obstacle.

"You'll find out why it's called that in a minute," says the officer explaining that it's a maze of wooden 'Xs' that he must go through without using his hands.

"Yep, feels good," says Licis. "It feels like being gently caressed by a tree. It's only normal."

Next, he hits the 'high climb and slide', where he will climb up different levels of wood and slide down a pole.

"Is there a trick here to not die?" he asks before he attempts. "How many people die on this thing?"

He gingerly climbs to the top, but he's scared to get down the pole. With some encouragement, he does it.

"I feel like I want to puke," says Licis.

He moves on to some rope swings and monkey bars, followed by another wall climb.

"Oh god it's high! I didn't realize how high it was," he says as he struggles to get down.

The obstacles keep coming, with more over unders, log rolls, tunnel climbs and a chimney climb. He almost gets stuck in the chimney because he is so big.

"How long was I in there?!" says Licis. "I'm tired now. I've been at this for over an hour. I think the fastest time for all of these was 18 minutes."

But he's not done there. After more wall climbs and a panful rope crawl that he uses a towel for to prevent rope burn, he's finished and out of breath, and gives his officer a high-five.

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