Watch these twins come out to their parents at the same time in sweet viral video

Luke and Adam Monastero are gay twins who came out to their parents at the same time in a viral video
Luke and Adam Monastero are gay twins who came out to their parents at the same time in a viral video

A recently resurfaced video of two twin brothers coming out to their parents is currently going viral on X (formerly Twitter), and the adorable family is making our day.

The video, originally posted nearly 10 years ago and viewed 3.9 million times, was made by gay fraternal twins and YouTubers Adam and Luke Monastero. Although they haven’t made a new video in three years, that hasn’t stopped their adorable coming-out video from taking off on social media once again.

In the viral video, the Monastero Twins — as fans knew them on YouTube — put a hidden camera in their family’s kitchen to catch their parents’ reactions to them both coming out as gay at the same time.

Adam and Luke, who were 21 when the original video was filmed, go into the kitchen, where it looks like their parents are eating lunch, and tell them they need to talk. “It’s not easy to say, and you’re going to be very shocked,” Adam says at the beginning of the video.

After a bit of build-up from Adam, Luke interrupts to say, “Adam and I are both gay.”

“You’re both gay? You know, Luke, I thought you were hun, but I was never sure about Adam,” their mom says in response, apparently not as “shocked” as the twins were concerned their parents would be.

Their dad is so unbothered by the news that he never stops eating the chicken he was digging into when the twins started talking — it’s both hilarious and very sweet.

Luke says that he intentionally tried to draw attention away from his twin brother who was struggling with accepting himself while they were high school and he feared the reactions of other teenagers.

“I’ve been denying myself for a very long time, and I think that’s why we’ve had a bad relationship throughout the teen years because—” Adam admits before his mom finishes his sentence, “Because you could never open up and talk to us.”

When the mom asks if Adam is sure about his sexual orientation, he says, “I’ve known since I was very young. Very young. Like grade four.” Then he reveals that he used to get called “gay” at school all the time, and so he started trying to change himself to hide the truth.

While their mom does ask the twins if either of them has ever had sex with a girl — to which Adam tells her, “I’m not wired that way” — she recovers by confirming that that’s just the way they were born.

“It’s weird that we both are [gay]. I don’t know if we were born that way or not,” Adam says before his mom quickly responds, “You were born that way; that’s the way it is.”

Then their dad chimes in, “You didn’t just decide to be that way.”

In the video, the twins say that one of the reasons they didn’t tell their parents sooner was because they were worried about their conservative grandparents’ response.

“I don’t want to drive a wedge between the family,” Luke said.

“You know what Luke, that’s their choice. It cannot be your worry or your burden. You can’t live your life for someone else,” the mom says.

“It’s your life,” their dad confirms. “You have the rest of your life to be yourself.”

We’re not crying, you’re crying!

The comment section under the newly resurfaced video is full of people praising the parents for how they handled the situation and even sharing coming-out stories of their own.

“Imagine not being able to be who you are for that long,” someone commented. “No one should have to go through that but I’m glad these guys now have a weight lifted. It’s easier said than done, but be yourself. If others don’t accept it, they shouldn’t be in your life anyway.”

Another person wrote, “These are the conversations we want to see. At the end of the day it's not about the parents and what they wanted. These parents did great, be yourself and what other ppl think ain't your burden to carry. Open communication is key. Make it safe for your kids to be who they are.”

Someone else shared their own coming-out experience, “This is special. Thank God for their parents. My mom said ‘Mommas always know.’ My Dad just told me a month ago that he’d walk me down the aisle.”

Many parents would sadly have a hard time accepting one gay child, let alone finding out that both of their kids are gay at the same time, but these parents rose to the occasion and gave us hope for queer kids who want to come out to their families.

See the full original YouTube video below.