Watch Tubs the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Love All Her Neighbors in These Utterly Adorable TikToks

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please pet Tubs tiktok; woman petting black dog over fence gate
please pet Tubs tiktok; woman petting black dog over fence gate

Courtesy of tubsthebluestaffy / TikTok

On a spiritual level, I like to think that we are all Tubs, the sweet Staffordshire bull terrier who continually delights her 500,000 TikTok followers with her unending quest to love everyone and be loved in equal measure.

Dog parents to Staffies, pit bulls, and other so-called "bully breeds" can often feel like they are constantly battling the stereotype that their pooches are inherently aggressive or dangerous. But as anyone who spends time around these sweet babies knows, they have a whole lot of love packed into those stocky bodies. Staffies in particular have such a great reputation as family dogs; they're sometimes referred to as "nanny dogs" for their compatibility with children.

Clearly, Tubs is no exception to this, as videos show her standing at the fence of her Australian home, eagerly awaiting passersby.

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Look at that tail. That is the tail of a stone-cold lover.

But sadly for Tubs, not everyone is a dog person (imagine!), so some folks walk by without administering any head pats. Even more sadly, some people see the flat, squarish "pit bull" head and balk. But to help combat the latter group, Tubs's family came up with a plan: a sign explaining that yes, Tubs is an absolute delight and by all means you should absolutely pat her on the head.

"Tubs is friendly she would love a gentle pat," the sign reads.

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Tubs is, in a very real way, Living Her Best Life. The video above has taken off, earning 37.8 million views, roughly 10 million of which have been me, watching that happy doggo on a loop, which I will continue to do until the internet dies.