Watch Toddler Swiftie Expertly Dance to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Film From Her Living Room

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Taylor Swift

There's just something about young music fans showcasing their passion for an artist that warms the heart. Recently, a toddler Swifie performed Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Film choreography from her living room—and her dad shared her impressive accuracy in a now-viral TikTok video.

On Saturday, March 23, Garrett Riff took to the social media platform with a clip of his daughter watching and acting out Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" dance moves. The little girl expertly squatted to the floor as the song transitioned from "Don't Blame Me."

As the camera spun around the pop star, the pajama-clad toddler simulated the effect by spinning in a circle with her little toy microphone. She continued to mimic Swift's arm movements and sang along to the track, even perfectly-timing her tilted head to the lyrics "tilted stage." Other highlights included a sassy hand-on-the-hip moment and wagging her finger at the screen.

Unsurprisingly, the TikTok video has already racked up more than 678,000 views and over 103,000 likes. And fellow Swift fans couldn't help but praise the fellow Swiftie in the comments.

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One person wrote, "I love when she spins around when the camera goes around Taylor 😆," while another user commented, "Taylor Tots is my new favorite part of TikTok."

Another fan pointed out, "Little miss hit that pose before Taylor even got there 👀 ❤️."

Meanwhile, someone else predicted, "I'm convinced Taylor has all of these saved somewhere and watches them when she needs a boost 🥰."

A fellow parent shared, "My 4yr old is a huge Rep girly and always pulls up a pant leg to match 😂," while another TikToker suggested, "Get her some black footed pajamas she's a rep girlie."

Someone else wrote, "The head tilt is everything. So cute!??!"

Yet another TikTok user declared, "Ladies and gentlemen let us all welcome a new swifty to the group👏👏👏."

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