WATCH: The 2 Dives Every Foodie Is Obsessed With in Miami

Rule No. 1 about eating while traveling is: If you want to eat well on the road, go where the locals go. And here’s another tip: Locals don’t spend $120 a pop at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Especially in Miami.

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The thing about Miami is that it’s the home of South Beach, bikinis, and sky-high restaurant prices. But you don’t need to drop serious cash for amazing food. Check out the video above — I challenge you to not salivate! — and then check out the restaurants. Your taste buds will thank me. Trust!


There was so much good stuff on the menu, I couldn’t order just one sandwich… And yes, i ate it all. Photo: Andrew Rothschild.

Here are the links my favorite places:

El Rinconcito Latino in Doral for Cuban coffee and Cuban sandwiches.

El Carajo in Miami for lunch, dinner, tapas, or just a quick snack.

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The food was so good at El Carajo it made my eyes cross.

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