Watch Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Video—Finally!!

It’s here! After weeks of cryptic tweets, teasers, and posters leading up to the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift finally played the music video for “Bad Blood” for everyone. And, well, it’s kind of what you thought it’d be from the posters.

Everyone’s in it. Seriously, everyone. Lena Dunham smokes a cigar, Kendrick Lamar raps, Karlie Kloss knocks Swift out in the boxing ring. The models play pretty characters like Frostbyte (Lily Aldridge) or a member of Swift’s post-apocalyptic army (Gigi, Martha) in the Jonathan Kahn directed video (he did Swift’s “Blank Space,” too). But honestly—and we can’t believe we’re saying this—it leaves you wanting more. As in, more to watch.

Swift’s sexy outfits and cold stares appear to be kicking off a new era for the country-turned-popstar. And if “Bad Blood” was a new network TV show, we wouldn’t be able to wait for next week’s episode.