Watch: Sydney Police Rescue Tiny Kitten Trapped in Car Dashboard

A tiny kitten was on its way to its forever home on Sunday in Sydney, Australia when something frightened the little guy and he scampered away and found a new hiding place in the dashboard of the family car.

Fire officials and rescue crews were called in to help the tiny kitten, and the entire rescue operation took about two hours. This is not only a kitten thing to do, but it's absolutely an orange cat thing to do, as any orange cat owner can tell you. They are always into something! He's a bit young to have so much orange cat energy, but here we are.

The owners decided to name the adorable new family member "Dashi" in honor of its rescue where it was totally unharmed.

Believe it or not, this happens quite often and in September of 2021 another rescue kitten decided in Texas to use the exact same hiding spot. The post explains, "A few weeks ago a customer drove onto the service drive in a panic, explaining that a kitten crawled underneath the driver's side dashboard area! Dylan Cordell (Principle Volvo Technician) heard the customer and asked if he could pull the vehicle back to his bay. Dylan removed several areas of the dash, the infotainment area, and the glove box. That is when we were finally able to locate the kitten in the very back of the dash."

The very best way new pet parents can keep this from happening? Always transport your new fur baby home in a kennel, and if you don't have a kennel (Which you should really procure, since your cat will have to be transported to the veterinarian) you can use a cardboard box that has air access, either via holes poked into it or by holding the box flaps lightly closed.

Even the most well-adjusted kitten or cat can get frightened in a car, and it's so much better to be safe than sorry.

We are so happy little Dashi is home safe and sound and ready to start his new life with a loving family, and thank goodness these amazing rescue workers were able to free him!

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