Watch: How To Survive Being Stuck Inside at Fiji's Cloudbreak With Koa Rothman

We've been covering Koa Rothman's adventures around the world all summer.

His latest This is Livin' vlog is an almost 20-minute video from his two and half week trip to Fiji's Tavarua Island, which is home to Cloudbreak.

Instead of just showing us a good time, Rotham is "trying something new" and offers advice and insight into a common situation for surfers.

In the edit above, Rothman takes a new approach and narrates his Cloudbreak session with advice on how to survive being caught on the inside.

"It's a lot different than what we normally do, but something that's been asked for a long time," he said.

In the video, Rothman tries to avoid getting hurt inside Cloudbreak on a sharp reef called Shish Kabobs. That name gets the point across.

Here's a few tips from Rothman on how to survive getting stuck on the inside at a gnarly surf spot.

  • Duck Diving: Duck dive with hands flat on top of your board, instead of wrapping them around your rails. "If you're surfing a reef break and you don't want to hurt your fingers while diving, you put them on top of your surfboard," Rothman advised.

  • Wave Selection is Key: Go on the wave before the bomb just to get out of the impact zone and get down the line.

  • The Right Board: Ride a board you are able to duck dive easily. For this session, Rothman said he chose to ride a 6'4 that was easy to duck dive, instead of a 7'4 or 8'0 like a lot of the guys were riding.

  • Don't Dilly-dally: Rothman says getting back out to the lineup as quickly as you can is, "One of the better things you can do when you're stuck inside." He said to try to duck dive deep and get under the waves to avoid getting pushed further inside.

"My theory on that whole day was to go on the smaller ones before you get caught inside and have a smaller board to get picked up and that's really, really easy to duck dive," he said.


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