Watch: Surfers Score '10-Foot' Barrels in -6° Minnesota Lake

Perhaps more than most surfers, Ben Gravy goes to great lengths to score.

This is the same dude who surfed calving glaciers in Alaska, mini tsunami waves from a massive cruise ship in Florida, braved and tamed many-a river wave.

And that’s a fraction of his novelty wave escapades.

His latest? A subzero mission to Minnesota to surf some of the best waves the world has ever seen breaking in the fickle, freezing Great Lakes.

“It’s happening,” Gravy says while en route to the spot. “Lake Superior. Let’s do it.”

Upon arrival?

“It’s firing!” he says. “Oh my god. There’s some 10-footers out there. It’s massive.”

And to help with the cold – allegedly, the air temp was -6° Fahrenheit; no word on the water temp – Gravy doubled up on his wetsuit situation.

“I’m turning my five-mill into a seven-mill. It works! I’ve got a springsuit over my five-mill. I never thought the day would come, but it did.”

Afterwards, defrosting from the frostbite, Gravy exclaimed:

“Tell you what, it was firing! It was 10 foot. I lost my mind out there, so you guys are going to have to forgive me, and give me a little while to recover, but we just scored Minnesota. That was the absolute dream.”

Surfing the Great Lakes, and Minnesota, is nothing new. A few brave souls periodically don the extra rubber, and surf the frigid freshwater lakes. But this session…this one is next level.

Although Gravy is notorious for his extreme levels of excitement – bordering on mania – when it comes to scoring novelty waves, this one warrants it.

Stay tuned for the full vlog.


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