Watch Super Bowl Star Christian McCaffrey Train for High-Octane Speed

Watch Super Bowl Star Christian McCaffrey Train for High-Octane Speed
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WE'RE LESS THAN a week out from Super Bowl LVIII, and the San Francisco 49ers are in the final stretch of game day prep. That includes running back Christian McCaffrey, this season's rushing yards leader. A recent video shared by We Are Press offers some insight into just how CMC trains for his winning speed.

"When it comes to training, the mindset for me has always been just treat each day as the most important day," McCaffrey says, explaining that he sets out a specific goal for each session, whether that be speed, endurance, or conditioning.

In addition to training with performance coach Brian Kula, McCaffrey begins and ends each of his workouts with warmups and cooldown routines designed by sports physiotherapist Ben Velasquez, to ensure that efficiency of movement and injury prevention remain top priorities.

"As I get older, the recovery has become twice as important as the actual training," he says. "Just being able to take care of my body 24/7, hands on, whether it's massage, cryo, dry needling, doing stuff in the pool, whatever it is it's always tailored around trying to get me back to 100 percent as quick as possible."

"It's a constant evaluation of how you're feeling," he adds. "It's constant conversations with your trainers, making sure things align correctly, so when it comes to Sunday, I can get in my flow state, not think at all, and go ball."

The workout in the video doesn't necessarily reflect how McCaffrey has been training for the current NFL season—judging from the Panthers gear he's repping, it's from 2021 at the latest—but it does serve as a decent indicator of the time and energy that the running back puts into building the trademark speed that made him such a get for the 49ers.

"I put my all into this, I love to compete," he says. "I grew up with three brothers, we were always competing against each other, and as competitors I think we just want to win, there's so much joy and so much meaning to life when you put yourself in a situation where you're surrounded by your brothers and you're all working as hard as humanly possible for the same goal. There's the benefit of winning and then there's the risk of losing, and I think that's what wakes you up in the morning, and that's what gives me life."

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