How to Watch the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show

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Great news for those of you who love deli meats and 7-layer bean dips (me): the time has once again come to gather 'round and watch the Super Bowl (not me) and its highly-anticipated halftime show (me again!).

And speaking of the halftime show, the Super Bowl LVIII's iteration of the musical performance is shaping out to be an iconic one already given that its headliner is the one and only Usher—aka one of the only musicians So Freakin' Big™️ that his stage name is legit one word (hi @ Beyoncé, Madonna, and Cher!)

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Now, if you're reading this and asking yourself questions like Where can I tune in? What time can I catch the halftime show? and Will I have to use my situationship's login?!?!, don't fret! We've curated a handy dandy list of absolutely everything you need to know about how to watch the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show—yw!

'Kay, so how can I watch the halftime show?

Luckily, in the age of ~streaming~, there are tons of options for you to abuse a free trial on tune in and watch the halftime show—which will air on Sunday, February 11—on! Ahem:


With over 200 channels in its lineup, Fubo—which btw fully supports all broadcast channels, including CBS where the game will air—is a great steaming option! The service starts at $79.99 a month, but the company is currently running a deal that gets you a seven-day free trial before paying, so do with that intel what you will. 👀


DirecTV Stream

This TV streaming service has up to 140 channels and, again, comes with access to CBS so you can tune in and watch the game. Subscriptions start with a five-day free trial, and then payment for the least expensive package begins at $79.99 a month.



For only $5.99 a month, Paramount+ Essential gives viewers the option to stream the Super Bowl on CBS. Oh, and the service is currently offering a one-week free trial. We love to see it!


Hulu + Live TV

With Hulu + Live TV, you have access to the streamer's entire on-demand library of content in addition to over 75 live TV channels (including—yep, you guessed it!—CBS) for $76.99 a month. However, Hulu also has a Live TV Only option that doesn't include the streaming library for $75.99 a month. Girl math is telling us that the extra dollar is worth all of the streamer's exclusive series', but it's totally up to you!


Regular Shmegular Cable

In case ya couldn't tell, this year's Super Bowl is set to air on CBS! Sooooo, if you're planning on watching The Big Game on the network, definitely don't fret about streaming it as long as you stay on the channel.

When is the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show?

This year’s Super Bowl is happening on Sunday, February 11, with the kickoff taking place at 6:30 pm EST. Now, if we take into account all of the pre-game festivities and the fact that most football quarters last about 30 to 40 minutes (confirmed this intel with my dad, TYVM), we can expect the halftime show to get underway sometime around 8 and 8:15 pm EST.

P.S. Typically, halftime shows last between 12 and 15 minutes, so do whatever you have to do and make sure you're glued to your screen for Usher's entire performance! More deets on that right on over this way:

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