Watch the Super Bowl Commercial Guaranteed to Make You Cry

If this doesn't bring the tears, check your pulse.

Are your eyes a little dry? Fix that with The Farmer's Dog Super Bowl commercial, and if it doesn't bring you to tears, check your pulse.

In a heartwrenching ad for Super Bowl Sunday, the fresh dog food brand shows a chocolate lab's life from a puppy through senior stages, growing up along with his young owner.

The Farmer's Dog 2023 Super Bowl ad<p>The Farmer's Dog</p>
The Farmer's Dog 2023 Super Bowl ad

The Farmer's Dog

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In the earliest vignettes, the puppy bonds with a little girl, and later the little girl is all grown up with her own child sitting with her and the dog, whose muzzle has begun to gray.

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We see all of the girl's milestones, including her wedding day, pregnancy and move into a new home with her husband.

Titled "Forever," the CEO of The Farmer's Dog said that the ad was a "love letter to dogs."

The ad is set to the song "Forever" by Lee Fields, and ends with the dog's view of its owner throughout her life in fast-motion.

Yes, we are crying. You're crying. Everyone is crying.

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