How to Watch and Stream 'Sound of Freedom'

If you've been paying any attention to the film world this summer, the biggest story after Barbenheimer's smashing success, is Sound of Freedom, the indie film that came out of nowhere to earn millions at the box office. The anti-sex trafficking action film starring Jim Caviezel, Bill Camp and Mira Sorvino was filmed all the way back in 2018 on a shoestring budget. After the Disney/Fox merger, however, the project was shelved until the filmmakers bought the distribution rights to the movie back and sold them to the largely conservative Christian distributor Angel Studios. Angel then used crowdfunding to round up the funds necessary to get the film into theaters.

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Sound of Freedom debuted on July 4, 2023 in theaters across America and bolstered largely by a concerted word-of-mouth campaign through church groups and conservative coalitions has raked in millions at the box office. The film has certainly been polarizing with some critics calling it "dangerous" for encouraging right-wing "conspiracy theories." At the same time, a grassroots effort to encourage conservatives to watch the movie even resulted in Donald Trump hosting a screening. The anti-child trafficking film was further mired on controversy when one of its funders was arrested on child kidnapping charges.

Whether you'd like to support the film or are morbidly curious to see what all the hullabaloo is about, Sound of Freedom will certainly be heading to a streaming platform near you in the coming months. Here's everything we know about how you can stream Sound of Freedom

Where is Sound of Freedom streaming?

As of now, there's no way to stream Sound of Freedom, and the movie's streaming home has yet to be announced. Since the film was distributed by Angel Studios and not one of the larger media conglomerates/streamers, the film doesn't have a set course when it comes to streaming. According to Vulture, the film has sparked a bidding war for its streaming rights with various timelines, strategies and platforms currently on the table. Since the movie came out in July, however, a streaming announcement seems imminent.

When is Sound of Freedom coming to streaming?

There has yet to be an announcement as to when Sound of Freedom will begin streaming or become available for video on demand. Since the movie premiered in theaters on July 4, 2023 and is out of theaters in most areas now, the films should be available to stream soon.

How to stream Sound of Freedom for free

Currently Sound of Freedom is not available to stream for free, or available to stream at all for that matter. It will most likely arrive on a streaming platform in the coming months though.

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Will Sound of Freedom be available to rent or buy?

Sound of Freedom is not currently available for purchase, but it will most likely be available to rent/buy online as well as on DVD in the coming months.

Will Sound of Freedom be on

Since Sound of Freedom was distributed by Angel Studios, it would make sense for the film to appear on their streaming site for "wholesome content," However, no announcement about the site has been made, and Angel Studios could opt for a bigger cash out by selling exclusive streaming rights elsewhere.

Will Sound of Freedom be on Netflix?

As of now, no deal has been made for Sound of Freedom to stream on Netflix.

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Will Sound of Freedom be on Hulu?

We don't know yet whether Sound of Freedom will be acquired by Disney to stream on Hulu.

Will Sound of Freedom be on Peacock?

There has not been a deal announced between Sound of Freedom and Peacock/NBCUniversal, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Will Sound of Freedom be on Max?

There has not been a deal made yet between Sound of Freedom and Warner Discovery to put the film on MAX, but it is a possibility.

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