Watch Steve Harvey Threaten To Tear Down The 'Family Feud' Game Board

Selena Barrientos
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Photo credit: FamilyFeud - YouTube
Photo credit: FamilyFeud - YouTube

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  • Family Feud recently compiled a Youtube video of “2020's Top 20 Moments!”

  • In one clip, Steve Harvey gets upset with a contestant named Lamont over his answer to the question, “If they sold a Steve Harvey costume for Halloween, what might it come with?”

  • Watch how Steve and the Family Feud audience reacted to Lamont’s answer.

Steve Harvey has his limits — and it turns out he draws the line at the mention of his nose.

In honor of the year coming to a close, the hilarious game show went down memory lane by creating a compilation video of “2020's Top 20 Moments!” While there are notable clips throughout the entire 10-minute video, one stands out from the rest — and you’ll want to skip to the 3:10 mark above for it.

During the unforgettable moment from a January 2020 episode, Steve asks Lamont from the Allen family, “If they sold a Steve Harvey costume for Halloween, what might it come with?” After earning major points for his team with his no. 1 answer “mustache,” it was Lamont’s turn again. But this time, his guess sparked an intense reaction from the Family Feud host.

“A big nose,” Lamont said. As the audience erupted with laughter, the camera zoomed in on Steve’s baffled look. Quickly regaining his composure, Steve issued a crystal-clear message about his nose being a guess on the board.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what, it better not be up there,” he said pacing around the stage. “If it’s up there, I’m going to tear the d--n game board down. I’ll tell you what, be up here I’m going to tear this whole game board down.”

In the end, “big nose” wasn’t on the board and Lamont received an “X” for his controversial answer. Needless to say, Family Feud fans at home had a good laugh. Back when the original clip was shared on YouTube, viewers felt bad for Steve but couldn't deny that it made for great entertainment. “This show intentionally loves to torture Steve 🤣,” one person wrote. “This question really hurts Steve Harvey,” another added. “He wasn’t kidding. If that was up there he would’ve started something,” a different fan said.

Hopefully that’ll be the last time (at least for a while) that Family Feud gets Steve all riled up.

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