Watch This Spotted Great Dane 'Moo' to Demand Ice From the Fridge

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Whose cow is that?

There's nothing better than an ice-cold drink on a hot day, and this dog knows it. 

TikTok is a veritable gold mine for cute dog content. From failed tricks to over-enthusiastic attempts, the content truly never ends. 

One such dog is positively obsessed with his family's icemaker, and his owners have shared a bit of his determination to get it going with a TikTok uploaded earlier this week

"He's at it again with the ice machine," text overlaying the video said. "The noises that come out of this dog are wild!!!"

They tried to warn us, but nobody could have prepared themselves for what the dog would actually sound like. 

The great dane, who greatly resembles a cow with his black and white spotted coloring, stood in front of the ice and water dispenser on the door of the fridge, grunting and groaning at the machine to demand it relinquish the ice. 

His frustration frequently sounded like the moos of a cow and even the oinks of a pig here and there, and the barnyard impersonator refused to give up on his mission. 

He punched the area surrounding the trigger with his nose a few times, but it wasn't until his owner came over, over a minute later to hold it down that the dog, named Perry, according to the account's username, finally got his ice. 

And as soon as it hit the floor, he didn't waste a second chowing down on it. 

"That is a cow is witness protection. You can't convince me otherwise 🤣💖," one commenter wrote, convinced by the dog's authentic verbalizations. 

"Excuse me, I think the dog hinges need oiling," another joked. 

"The Honda Civic racing around my neighborhood at 3 am😂😂," laughed another. 

If being an inside cow doesn't work out for him, he clearly has a future in special effects noises waiting. 

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