Watch: “Sandbar Backdoor” Featuring Mason Ho, Coco Ho, Noa Deane, and More

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It's wild how much sand moves around on the North Shore.

In the summer, so much of it fills in on the reef at Pipeline you can literally walk out to the takeoff zone and have a picnic.

Then, during the winters first big swell, all of that sand is washed away in a day. It's crazy how quick it happens.

So, where does it go?

Depending on the direction of the swell, it'll either move down the beach towards Pupukea, or the other way and end up at Rockpile and Log Cabins.

And that's where the novelty slabs happen.

In the edit above, Mason and Coco Ho, as well as Noa Deane, Harry Bryant, and so many others, chase the sand and find a fleeting slab. Turquoise blue, spitting tubes. As you'll see it, it looks more like Kirra than Hawaii, especially Benji Brand's screamer at the 4:30 mark.

Waves like this are special. Here today, gone tomorrow, and never to be seen exactly the same again.


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