Watch The Rock Coach P.K. Subban Through His Workout

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Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

From Men's Health

Hockey season might have ended prematurely for the New Jersey Devils, but defenseman P.K. Subban is keeping his training on point. The NHL veteran recently posted a video on Instagram taken during a recent workout with none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in his famously well-equipped home gym, known to all as the Iron Paradise.

"Today, I became a man," Subban wrote of the experience. Joining Johnson and Subban in the Iron Paradise for the day was downhill skier Lindsey Vonn. The Olympic medalist, whose pre-competition core workouts are famously intense, posted her own footage of the training session to Facebook, captioned: "Name a better workout partner... I'll wait."

Vonn also captured the video of Johnson coaching Subban (and can be heard cheering him on) through a grueling set of lat pulldowns, which continue the defenseman's recent penchant for core-wrecking cable workouts.

"Lat pulldowns are a great way to get vertical pull into a workout and blast your lats, and they work best when you keep your core tight, which is what Subban is doing," says Men's Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel C.S.C.S.

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Today, I became a man. 📹: @lindseyvonn

A post shared by P.K. Subban (@subbanator) on Jul 27, 2020 at 6:35am PDT

Subban also demonstrates the correct form when performing this exercise, which is key in order to maximize the benefit of the exercise, and to do so safely, explains Samuel: "People have a tendency to arch their backs and lose core tension, which can create back issues later, and also turn the movement into more of a horizontal pull, or row. Subban avoids that, thanks to The Rock's cuing, and that helps him get the most out of the move."

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