Watch North West and Ice Spice Team Up for the Funniest TikToks

North West and Ice Spice: all-star duo of 2023.

North's TikTok account, of course, is one of the most entertaining parts of the internet. And because she is the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, she gets the privilege of meeting some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Enter rapper Ice Spice, who has quickly become a household name after the success of “The Boys a Liar Pt. 2” on TikTok, taking over everyone’s playlists. 

The musician got a guest spot on North West’s TikTok this week, and it was the collaboration of the year so far. Ice Spice was shown hanging out at what appeared to be Kim’s museum-like mansion with North, 9, and two of her friends. On the official @kimandnorth TikTok account — which has more than 15 million followers and is “managed by an adult” — Ice Spice is seen dancing with North and her friends to her song, “In Ha Mood.” 

In a separate video, the group acts out the Ice Spice lyrics throughout the house. North is clearly a fan as she sings along with every lyric and previously shared a drawing she made of the rapper. Ice Spice later shared a video with North on her own TikTok account.  

Much like the other videos on Kim and North’s account, the Ice Spice TikToks are full of silliness and pure joy. While the account has its comments turned off, a rule Kim has said she has in place in order to protect North from hateful comments, that didn’t stop fans from being shocked to see Ice Spice in the video. 

“Ice spice babysitting north west and her friends wasn’t on my 2023 checklist,” one person on Twitter wrote.

Since the Kim and North account started, more than one celebrity has been featured. Last month, Mariah Carey made a cameo in North’s video with the viral sound that includes Carey’s song. Earlier this week, actor and TV host Lala Anthony also joined in on the TikTok fun. Hopefully, there will be even more celebrity cameos in North’s TikTok in the near future.

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