Watch moment when mom of 5 daughters is gifted a mother-son wedding dance

At a wedding reception in Chesterfield, Michigan, a heartwarming tribute stood out for the mother of the bride. It was a touching moment she never thought she would get.

Mary Theut is a mother to five daughters. Sarah, her 5th and final daughter to get married, wed Paul Reynolds in a backyard ceremony at the home of Mary and her husband Eric Theut.

Wedding receptions carry the traditions of the father-daughter dance followed by the mother-son dance. Being a mom to only daughters, Mary doesn’t take part in these traditions except by observing with the rest of the wedding guests. This wedding reception, however, would be different.

Mary's daughters each invited her to dance with all five of her sons-in-law, one-by-one. As the music began to play, began with the new groom followed by each of the remaining four presented to Mary by their brides. Mary was visibly moved by this gesture from her loving and grateful family.

Watch this one-of-a-kind mother-son dance in the video above.

The dance was perfectly capped off as her own groom, husband Eric, stepped in and took her hand, creating a poignant finale to the series of cherished moments.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Watch this mother-of-the-bride get a mother-son dance after 5 weddings