Watch Martins Licis Take on a CrossFit Challenge

Emily Shiffer
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Photo credit: Martins Licis - YouTube
Photo credit: Martins Licis - YouTube

From Men's Health

Reigning World's Strongest Man Martins Licis is always training hard and mixing up his training methods. In his latest YouTube video, he's giving CrossFit training a try with top CrossFit athlete and Army Captain Chandler Smith and strongman and U.S. Army Sergeant Anthony Fuhrman.

They start their workout with some mobility moves led by Licis—and surprisingly, the big man seems to have the best balance out of the trio. "There's all sorts of muscles in this that I haven't used in this decade," says Smith. The guys then discuss some of the intricacies behind strict presses and tall jerks, which lean into Licis' specialty as a strongman. Smith and Licis also stand back-to-back to compare their wingspan, and Martins measures slightly more. But Smith notes he lost a finger a couple years ago when a tank part fell on it. After going through some drills, the guys get to their strict presses, getting up to 165 pounds.

Photo credit: Men's Health
Photo credit: Men's Health

Next, they hit the javelin press, Fuhrman's favorite lift of the trio. They get up to an impressive 135 pounds—with Licis showing off impressive flexibility along with the strength.

Afterwards, they get to their CrossFit-style workout medley created by Smith.

The CrossFit Workout

  • Row machine

  • Assault bike

  • SkiErg

  • C2 bike

"I'm excited to see Martins rip on the machines," says Smith.

Licis is up first. After crushing the rower, he actually breaks the Assault bike by pedaling backwards, which is swapped for an Echo bike. After hitting all of the apparatuses successfully, he finishes at 1:13.

"I could have gone faster. I went too slow on the skiier," says Licis.

Next up is Smith, who runs through the gauntlet at 1:09.

"Man, he is so strong!" Smith says about Licis after collapsing. "He's still standing! That was a blackout pace for me."

But Licis knows who took the top spot for contest, admitting that Smith was the victor—saving himself from having to max out for a rematch in the process.

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