Watch Jessica Alba and Her Daughter Haven Dance in Matching ’00s ’Fits

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Watch Jessica Alba and Her Daughter Haven Dance in Matching ’00s ’Fits

Jessica Alba and her daughter Haven recorded themselves doing a (silly) dance routine for TikTok, and it's making me want a mother-daughter Bring It On. Or maybe a sequel to Alba's flop Honey?

In the video the Honest Company founder and the middle schooler giggle at someone off camera before performing the “Cha Cha Slide”–esque commandments set to a simple beat: “Eat the chips, abuse your hips, kick the child, and pose. Wipe the gum off your shoe, double loser, take a picture, throw a tantrum, napkin shirt, magic spell, magic spell.”

The caption says that they recorded it over the summer as part of a challenge that I must have missed…but it did remind me of this gem from 2018!

Jessica Alba and Haven both rock tank tops, white sweatpants, middle parts, and earrings—a very 2000s dance team practice ensemble. The more casual version of, well…

Alba previewed the dance over the summer, including a clip of it in a montage she posted for Haven's 11th birthday.

“Yesterday we celebrated my Havie baby as she turned 1️⃣1️⃣ 🎉🎂🎈🥳,” Alba wrote on Instagram. “I am so proud of the beautiful human this leo 🦁angel is 🥹 an old soul, able to see through all the ish, the most kind, intelligent, happy, positive human 🧡 Haven, nothing is out of your reach - you can do anything you set your mind to as long as you keep following your ♥️ and trusting your gut. I got your back forever kiddo - keep doing your thing, I’m here cheering you on 🥰 your power lies in your kind heart, sweet nature and perseverance.” 

Last year Alba opened up about how a therapist was helping her effectively communicate with her oldest daughter, Honor. “[Honor] really felt empowered to find her voice, speak her voice, and own her opinions,” she said in a conversation with Katherine Schwarzenegger. “She was like, ‘You need to spend more time with me alone without Haven around.’ That was a big one…‘You need to treat me like I'm me and she's her. You can't mush us together.’ I have to say, I kind of still struggle with that.”

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