Watch Jennifer Coolidge’s First TikTok, Featuring a Cameo From Jennifer Lopez

For all the Jennifer Coolidge impressions on TikTok, it wasn't until Thursday, January 19, that the woman, the myth, the legend herself finally made her debut on the app. In true icon fashion, she had a famous face join her in her inaugural post: Jennifer Lopez. 

“Trying out TikTok!” Coolidge captioned the video, along with a @jlo tag. 

“This is my first TikTok, and I was trying to think of something cool to do, and I think I'm just gonna do a poem that I like,” says Coolidge, before reciting the lyrics to Lopez's 2002 hit “Jenny From the Block” with the all the earnestness of a first-timer at an open mic night.

Cut to Lopez, who is gazing at Coolidge with approval. “I like that,” she says, nodding. “I really like that.”

Reactions to the Jennifer x Jennifer content were, in a word, effusive. “THANK GOD THIS APP IS FIXED NOW,” one fan commented. Added another, “Not since Leslie Jordan have I been so excited to see someone join TikTok.” 

Based on J.Lo's pastel pink outfit, I'd assume that Jennifer Coolidge actually filmed the video last week while promoting the pair's new rom-com, Shotgun Wedding, in which Coolidge is the over-the-top mother of Lopez's onscreen love interest, played by Josh Duhamel. I wonder what else Coolidge has in the vault? 

After winning a Golden Globe for her role as Tanya McQuoid on the second season of White Lotus, Coolidge acknowledged the renaissance of sorts she's experienced in Hollywood lately. 

“And I just want to say, Mike White, you’ve given me hope for a new beginning, even though this is the end,” she told the White Lotus creator. “Because you did kill me off, but it doesn’t matter. Because even if this is the end, you sort of changed my life in a million different ways, and my neighbors are speaking to me…. No, I mean it, none of those people—I was never invited to one party on my hill, and now everyone is inviting me.” She's still Coolidge on the block.

Originally Appeared on Glamour