Watch: Hawaii Longboard Champ Kelia Moniz Shares Details on Roxy Split

Longboarder and two-time world champ Kelia Moniz was a Roxy girl for 17 years.

In January, she said "aloha" to Roxy after being asked to take a 90% pay cut.

In the video below, she shares more about the breakup.

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Non-profit RiseHi captioned the clip:

"A new path Kelia Moniz shares her transition from a longtime partnership to embracing new beginnings. It’s about facing change with courage, setting clear intentions, and building the future with one’s own hands.

"As she steps into her role as a business owner and mom, Kelia proves that true growth often comes from the waves of change..."

In the clip, Moniz says:

"I was sponsored by Roxy for over 17 years and they were my bread and butter in terms of finances for a very very long time.

"Just the end of 2023 I got a termination letter after Roxy was bought out by a really big corporation. And then I got an offer back form the brand saying, 'Hey, we really want to keep you but this is all that we have.'

"The problem that would have occurred if I signed, is once you agree to a really, really, really low pay for something that you've done for years and now you go, 'Alright, I'll do it because it's comfortable." I would be in a very compromising position because I would've agreed to a 90%  pay cut and there's there's a likeliness this brand will never pay me anything more than I agreed to. Because why would they if i agreed to a pay cut of 90%?"

Moniz explains that she "politely declined" and is entering a "new chapter" of her life.

"I really want to showcase what life looks like as a mom from Hawaii who's a surfer who's starting a very small business," she says. 

Moniz continues:

"All I have control over is what I'm able to accomplish in one day and everything else will happen. Whatever's meant to be will happen. So if I focus on myself, work really hard, have very clear intentions.

"The future's great. I'm excited."


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