Watch This Guy Try to Beat 'Far Cry 5' Using Only a Shovel

Jesse Hicks
·1 min read

From Men's Health

Far Cry 5 is a massive game. The open-world shooter lets you meander through a pre-apocalyptic Montana, where a doomsday cult has dug itself in, preparing for the end of times. As the hero, of course, you are supposed to keep Armageddon from happening. That’s a tall order, but the play environment provides you with plenty of weapons to aid your quest. One YouTuber, though, decided to make things even more difficult, asking, “Can you beat Far Cry 5 with only a shovel?

If you’ve played the game—or really any first-person shooter—you’ve probably already guessed a shovel is not the weapon of choice. YouTuber Mitten Squad really committed to this arbitrary rule, refusing to use any firearms and only in a pinch (when the shovels ran out) switching to fists or other melee weapons. That preserves the spirit of the challenge, which is to get through the game with the weakest possible tools.

As Mitten Squad quickly found out, some obstacles are just insurmountable with a shovel. At certain points the game forces you to use a machine gun, or destroy something that just can’t be taken out without guns or explosives. But those are exceptions, and generally you can get through Far Cry 5 using only a shovel. It requires a lot of stealth and a lot of patience, but it’s possible. Check out the video to see how—and probably save yourself the trouble.

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