Watch a Great White Shark Swim Around Surfer in Clear SoCal Water

Shark news and footage have been all over the place lately. We've seen all sorts of shark encounters ranging from the good, the bad, to the downright ugly.

The recent plethora of shark encounters began around early October, aka Sharktober, when a man was attacked by a tiger shark while surfing Kauai's Hanalei Bay. From there, it got worse. Another surfer vanished after a great white shark attacked him in Australia, leaving no trace except for his board and a short piece of his leash.

But then there's the beauty in sharks too. Take, for instance, the rare 30-foot whale shark gracefully feeding off of Oahu earlier this week and the drone footage of mako sharks in Baja. With sharks, so much is unknown. But one thing's for certain, and that's that they're near us 97% of the time according to Cal State Long Beach's Shark Lab.

In the latest post above from ocean photographer and shark advocate Scott Fairchild, we get to see another peaceful shark encounter.

Fairchild posted the clip above yesterday and captioned it:

"Great White being a little indecisive! It happens, we all change our mind sometimes."

The clip shows a pretty darned big great white shark swimming in beautiful clear water as a surfer is sitting still on his longboard not far away.

The shark basically beelines it straight towards the surfer. But once it gets really close, it just turns in the other direction.

The surfer appears to have no idea.

Fairchild agreed, writing in the comments:

"He didn’t know it was there at that moment."

Once again showing that as we've said, shark ignorance is bliss.


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