Watch a Great White Shark Sneak Up On Clueless Surfer in California

Great white sharks used to be something we never saw. They were reserved for horror flicks and urban legends where one was spotted by a friend of a friend of a friend.

But drone technology has changed that and great white shark sightings seem as common as surf schools and soft tops.

We recently saw footage of a beefy great white approaching a longboarder in San Diego. Before that, a great white was hunting stingrays when it stumbled upon another surfer taking a mid-session swim. Most recently, a surfer shared a "close encounter" with a great white at sunset in California.

The drone footage above was shot by wildlife photographer Preston Dau.

In the clip, a great white shark sneaks up on a surfer in the lineup at a surf spot in La Jolla, California.

Dau captioned the post:

"Surfer clueless of a shark swimming just feet away."

The video shows a guy on a shortboard sitting up on his board, just hanging out and waiting for a wave.

Looking pretty "clueless," as Dau said.

The surfer is facing out into the ocean as the shark approaches him from behind. As the shark gets within a few feet from the surfer, he suddenly looks towards his right as the shark turns left.

From what it looks like, the surfer has no idea the shark was there.

One viewer commented: "You’d think the drone hovering would be a signal - toes up?"

Day responded: "Yep for sure. I think people are starting to get the idea"


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