WATCH: Get Caught in an Elephant Traffic Jam

It’s strange to find yourself in the position of wanting to get stuck in a traffic jam. But that’s exactly what you hope for when driving through the Serengeti.

Why did the elephant cross the road? (Jo Piazza for Yahoo Travel)

Case in point? This scene captured above, from just outside the official entrance to Serengeti National Park, in which a herd of elephants — squee-inducing babies included — ambles across the road.

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That teeny tiny baby, the one that just made you OMG? It’s probably only around 3 weeks old, Oliver Dreike, a zoologist and manager of the Four Season Serengeti’s Discovery Center (it’s the region’s only lodge-based conservation research and education facility — a kind of interactive museum within the hotel) confirms.

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And as for that last none-too-pleased elephant bringing up the rear? Probably the mama, Dreike says, just protecting her growing family, as any mama would.

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