Watch: Escape Closing Cup 2024 and Wish You Were at Laax

Spring boarding. Soft snow. On-hill tunes. And a double-sided hip. The Escape crew brought together all the ingredients for a perfect spring session to Laax and the riders arrived en masse for good times and great boarding.

The three-day event to celebrate the end of the season at Laax Snowpark included not only the hip session, but also minipipe, rail, and skate jams over the course of the weekend, as well as a Super Friendly Society playground park.

While truly the Escape Closing Cup looks best experienced in person, for all of us not in Europe for this boarding party, the recap is a real solid option for living vicariously through watching the riding of Gian Sutter, Benny Urban, Mees Oostdjik, Veroniqi Hansen, Rebecca Kock, Livia Ruckstuhl, Riley Nickerson, Yung Doli, Alex Tank, and many, many more.

Riders in order of appearance: Gian Sutter, Simon Pircher, Nick Pünter, Markus Rustad, Moritz Thönen, Gian Biele, Jeremy Bucher, Lenny Oliver, Louis Labertrande, Joe Simpson, Veroniqi Hansen, Flo Corzelius, Livio Gritti, Jon Welti, Ramon Notz, Mat Junge, Zita Desmet, Martin Lässer, Hennes Dollenberg, Jamie Castro, Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Max Bärtsch, Andrin Marty, Seb Picard, Tommy Gesme, Mehdi Soltane, Mikhail Khvatov, Berenice Wicki, Jake Simpson, Mees Oostdijk, Fredrick Jacobsen, Eva Maria, Kobel Martina, Windlin, Francesca Galeazzi, Anti Jussila, Will Smith, Lissel Raun, Rebecca Koch, Livia Ruckstuhl, Yulia Proydina, Amon Eisenmann, Elio Fumagalli, James Niederberger, Elliot Golay_, Riley Nickerson, Sebi Springeth, Julien Merken, Lucas Mondani, Ben Kropp, Sergio Berger, Lars Popp, Mitch Buvoli, Migi Reibenschuh, Daniel Loosli, Yung Doli, Elias Allenspach, and Alex Tank.

Filmed and edited by Guillaume Sturma. Additional filming by Jake and Joe Simpson, and Felix Biehler.