Watch: Craziest Wave Ever Surfed on a Hydrofoil Kite?

Hydrofoil kite surfing is about as fringe as it gets.

Just on its own, hydrofoil surfing is on the periphery of traditional surfing, although it's undeniably rising in popularity. Then throw a kite into the mix? That’s a rarity.

And so, with that in mind, it’s sort of tough to gauge the following claim – is this the craziest ride ever on a hydrofoil kite setup? Who knows. But it’s gotta be up there.

Let’s break it down.

The surfer (is this even surfing?) goes by the name of Cash Berzolla. He hails from Maui – good place for wind sports – and he competes on the GWA Wingfoil Tour, which is apparently a thing, and sorta like the World Surf League’s Championship Tour. Except, of course, there’s kites and hydrofoils and a variety of disciplines like “slalom” and “big air.”

By the looks of it, this wave came from the GWA Wingfoil Tour event on the island of Sal, which is part of the Cape Verde archipelago, and off the west coast of Africa. From the event recap, it sounds like Cash scored a perfect 10 – no word if it was this wave or another one – and placed second in the event overall.

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On the wave, Cash hits the lip with his hydrofoil. But instead of returning back down the face of the wave, he lingers – similar to a floater in traditional surfing, or even a skater grinding the coping of a pool, bowl, or ramp. His foil even disengages for a moment, seeing Cash hover above the water, before the foil catches again, and he recovers.

Then, he ditches the kite, and tucks in for a tube. Is that allowed? Who knows. Who cares. It’s pretty radical for any wave-riding discipline.

Craziest wave ever ridden on a hydrofoil kite?

Craziest one we’ve seen.


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