Watch Colton Haynes as Twin Con Artists in 'Swindler Seduction' Clip

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Colton Haynes is coming for your money.

In a new clip debuted by ScreenRant, we get our first look at the Teen Wolf star as a pair of identical twin con artists in Lifetime’s upcoming movie Swindler Seduction.

The movie is based on a true story and “dives deep into the world of con artists and how they use romance and vulnerability to meet their evil ends, as well as how raising the question of how environment and genetics can play a role in criminal behavior.”

Haynes plays Steve and Mitch, two identical twins in the film.

In the clip, we see Louisa, one of the twins’ victims, played by Gabrielle Graham. She calls Steve, one of the twins, to tell him that she’s pregnant. In the clip, he refuses to acknowledge the pregnancy and pretends she’s a spam caller, all while having his arm around a different woman.

Of course, this isn’t the only kind of drama the movie will dive into. Steve has an identical twin named Mitch, and the two of them work together to con women out of thousands of dollars.

Lousia first met Steve when he flirted with her in a bar, telling her that he was an angel investor and entrepreneur. However, he soon leaves her thousands of dollars poorer and pregnant. That’s when it's revealed that he has a twin who also scams women. When Steve’s ex Louisa finds out about this, she decides to take the twins down and get justice for every woman they’ve tricked.

Swindler Seduction is part of a new lineup of movies based on true stories. A week after Swindler Seduction comes out, Lifetime will release An Amish Sin, about an Amish teen who leaves her restrictive community for life in a nearby city. It stars Kellie Martin, Dylan Rtzlaff, and Rukiya Bernard.

Swindler Seduction premieres October 22 on Lifetime at 8pm ET. Check out the clip below.

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